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Looks good in general.

Few comments though:

I assume you really want those costly parts (namely, case and motherboard)?

HX850 is severe overkill for a single GTX670.
Quick format will be OK. Full one would take eons.
Looks good in general.

Few comments though:

I assume you really want those costly parts (namely, case and motherboard)?

HX850 is severe overkill for a single GTX670.

Thank you for your comments. The case I really like because of the way I could run the wiring. Thought it would look nice to hide the cables under the motherboard. Also liked the fact that it is all black and that the inside wasn't silver. I'm a little picky (there is another word for it) about my wiring with my home theater and general house wiring (network and coax). The motherboard I agree may be overkill since I picked it because of the clean look. That may change because of price.

I went with the 850 to allow me to add a second video card if needed and really wasn't sure what size was really needed. What size would you suggest? Question is it bad to have to big of a power supply? Also like that modular system so that I don't have a bunch of wire laying around somewhere unused. Overkill?

Thank you again for all the advice.
As mentioned in the guide, GTX 670 sips a very little power in comparison to how powerful the card is. You would be totally fine with a 650W power supply.

It is not bad to have a too big of a power supply, but if these extra watts would never be used, might as well as save $ on it.

You can find other 650W modular power supplies.
That should not matter. There's no special "SLI ready" PCI-E power plug. They are all the same.

Both spots will need to be plugged in.
So with all the builds its gonna be wahtever price listed + OS costs too right?

would this work for a few months with an extra 4 gb of ram(on med settings) , then upgrade the video card and psu later? i dont really got the time to be building a pc..=]

Yes. The build price is just the price of the PC itself. If you need OS, monitor, etc, they will cost extra from the listed build price.

I rather recommend that you buy this:


Then throw in a Radeon HD 7750 ($110).


Let us know how well it runs. ;)
Glad to see it's up and running wonderfully. Enjoy. ;)
I'm looking to buy a nice gaming laptop that will play WoW and D3 on max settings. I won't be playing BF3 or somthing like that on it.
Using this link you provided I think i've got somthing together but looking for a second opinion.

2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-2670QM, 2.2-3.1GHz, (32nm, 6MB L3 cache)
nVidia GeForce GTX 570M 1,536MB PCI-Express GDDR5 DX11
8GB DDR3 1333MHz Dual Channel Memory (2x4GB SODIMMS)
750GB 7200RPM 16MB Cache Buffer (Serial-ATA II 3GB/s)

Defaults for the rest.

Would this work well for what i'm looking for? Would it be worth it to upgrade to the GeForce GTX 580M they offer?
Yes, that's overkill, if you will. I have the "weaker" 560M and i7-2630QM, and it maxes out WoW and D3 with no problem with good FPS, even with anti-aliasing.

GTX 580M really is overkill, but up to you.

You should consider 1762 version as it comes with Ivy Bridge CPU.
Looks like with the Ivy Bridge my price is going up about $80 total and i'm pretty much at my budget. Also the GTX 670M card it has isn't on diablo 3's supported video card list so looks like i'm going with my first option. At least I won't have problems maxing the game, thanks for the advice.
670M is supported, but OK. :o
670M is actually 570M with slightly faster clock.
Will I be able to handle overclocking the XFX Radeon HD 7850 using the 600W Silencer MK III?
Hey Kal, i'm planning on building your "Build 3". I've got about $200 extra dedicated to building this computer, and i was wondering what will give me the most benefit in spending that money.

I'm not quite interested in overclocking, but if that's the best option, let me know.

Or maybe it would be more wise, in the case of not overclocking, to save the money for future upgrades.

I dunno, maybe using that money to get a higher-end monitor would be most beneficial.

Any way it turns out, thanks for the help!

Yes, but 7850 due to its nature (1 6-pin power plug), it won't OC that far anyway.


If you don't have a 1080p monitor already, this would be a good time to buy it. If you already have one, then you can consider upgrading the graphics card to GTX 670.

Don't forget that the price doesn't include OS.

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