Mobile app issue....says logged in when not?

Mobile Bug Report
Greetings! Thank you for taking the moment to read my question.

I have already read the FAQ on this issue; I have been experiencing this for several days, so I believe that it isn't just a lag time issue.

Basically, when attempting to log in to the auction house, my app kicks back a message saying that I'm still logged in to the game. This happens even when I've been off the game for hours.
I've also tried logging back in on my computer and then logging off.

Any suggestions?
Does anyone else have access to this account? We've clocked quite a few hours into Auction House testing and have not encountered anything like this. If you can provide a more detailed report of the actions you're performing that lead to this scenario, I can look into it further.

Luckily this appears to be isolated so I'm going to venture a guess that someone else is logging into your account. In fact, support can determine if this is the case by checking the IPs and login times on your account.

I highly suggest that you contact our Customer Support department:

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