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Since all of the dungeon quests have now been moved inside the entrance of dungeons, these quests are now an integral part of the LFD leveling experience.

However, some of them don't work very well at all for groups leveling through and seeing the dungeon maybe once or twice before outleveling it. This post is about those dungeon quests that still don't work "smoothly" or are non-conducive to LFD groups, and suggestions to improve them.

"Researching the Corruption" requires 8 Corrupted Brain Stem. These have a very poor drop rate (maybe 1 in 5 mobs), and are player-specific instead of group loot. The end result is that, consistently, I would finish tanking a run and basically everyone in the group would only have 3 or 4 stems, if they were lucky. These should be a guaranteed drop off every Naga/Satyr and should be group loot.

"Twilight Falls" requires 10 Twilight Pendant. These have the same problem as the brainstems. Again, every BFD run I completed, my group would clear ~every single Twilight mob in the dungeon~ and not a single person had enough pendants to complete the quest. Should be guaranteed drop, and group loot.

"The Gordok Ogre Suit" confuses players leveling through in LFD because everyone can get the quest (and wants to complete it) but only one Ogre Tannin can be looted per instance. Each person in the group should be able to loot one ogre tannin and complete the quest. Additionally, it impedes the flow of the dungeon to have to get the quest, run up, get the Tannin, then run back down to Knot, then run back up and keep going with the dungeon. Knot should be located in the same place as the tannin basket.

"Unfinished Gordok Business", obtained by completing a Tribute Run with both Kromcrush and Mol'dar alive, is unintuitive to LFD pugs (no one understands to keep guards alive unless an experienced player explains it) and located halfway back to the start of the instance (so most LFD players will never see it, since they drop group or tele out/in after the last boss).

The Tribute Run should be made much more clear to players (it's a very, very cool part of Dire Maul... I wish you still made dungeons with interesting features like this), and Kromcrush, Mol'dar, and the other bosses you "spared" should all appear in the final room once you kill Gordok.

"The Heart of the Mountain" requires all the Relic Coffers to be opened in order to spawn the boss that drops the key that opens the coffer that provides the quest item. Most LFD groups will never even find the room with the relic coffers (you're not directed there clearly at all). Additionally, the drop rate on Relic Coffer Key is ludicrously low and again, not group loot / gets rolled per person.

The net result is that unless you clear the entire dungeon from top to bottom, you probably won't have enough keys to open all the coffers. And even if you do, all it takes is one person dropping group (and thus taking their keys with them) to cause you to fall short again.

It's pretty much a red herring to even offer this quest to LFD groups, who will literally never see it completed (my stubborn group spent an extra hour in BRD after completing it just killing trash for relic keys).

The coffers should be changed to not require keys, and players should be lead into the room more clearly. That way the quest becomes about simply looting the Blackrock bank, killing the boss that spawns, and then getting the quest item — that's in line with the involvement/difficulty of other dungeon quests.

Completing "Cleansing Drak'Tharon" requires the player to sit through an extremely long RP scene between Drakuru and the Lich King. This is extremely cool the first time, and becomes progressively more infuriating every subsequent time. Remember "Glad you could make it, Uther"? Yeah. It's like that.

Most people I get Randoms with don't even complete it unless I stick around to remind them that the turn-in will appear after the long RP scene — they summon Drakuru, get confused by the lack of a "?", and leave.

Simply modify this one to behave like other "blah blah blah" quests — the scene plays out every time, but the "?" appears immediately at the start of the scene and allows impatient/veteran players to skip past it and move on.

I'll mention anything else I encounter / think of here. :p
Agreed with all. I had to go through these dungeons at least 3+ times in order to collect everything necessary to complete those quests. But Blackrock Depths has to be the worst one of all. At least with BFD, the stems and pendants stay with you after the dungeon. BRD's keys disappear if you so much stick your nose outside of the dungeon and the drop rates for them are simply abysmal for the amount of keys you need to collect.

These collection quests should have their items' drop rates upped to at least 30-40% for the amount we have to collect. If Blizzard refuses to up their drop rates, then make the the items cumulative for the group in BFD and Commons and require only 1 key for Heart of the Mountain.
I have done BRD mayb 20 times...never had enough keys to do Heart of the Mountain. full clears...no good. never came even close.
Agreed. I hate having to tell new players that a certain quest isn't likely to be completed in a run.

For Blackfathom Deeps the problem only exists on Alliance side which is clearly (HORDE FAVORITISM PLOT) something that needs to be looked into, if the Horde quests were just melded over it'd be an improvement.

Tribute runs in Dire Maul I don't feel are that big of an issue, the quest should probably be the part redesigned if anything, although I haven't seen that particular quest yet so I can't say for sure how important it is to the zone plot.

Blackrock Depths definitely is a problem, needing so many keys at such a low drop rate means you'd have to clear the entire instance and only maybe have enough. Best solution I think is to place the Heart of the Mountain in the compartment opened by the Dark Keeper key.

On a side note, it'd be interesting if Blizzard placed these quests into a "repeatable" category, something that would work especially well with current BFD Alliance quests (2 runs, 2 completes) and even the Kraul Guano quest in RFK, just insignificant seeming gather quests that make it less tedious to wind up in the same dungeon over and over.

Last "issue" is the speech from Drak'uru in Drak'tharon Keep, award the quest complete after he is summoned - more of a quality of life change but I guarantee many players would appreciate it.
Updated with DTK. Also, wow, 5000 characters happens so fast! So here's more:

The player is denied access to the quests for this dungeon if they have not completed the entire Vashj'ir chain. Since no one does Vash while leveling, this means that people in LFD groups basically never get quests for Throne of the Tides. Every run I hear, "Does this place have quests?" and every run I hear a disappointed "oh" when I tell them to go do 100 quests in Vashj'ir first.

It doesn't make sense, since all dungeons now have a rushed plotline recap NPC at the beginning, Vash already has an NPC waiting at the start to give quests, and the quests themselves already exist. Please remove the prerequisite of completing Vashj'ir on these quests, so leveling players can actually obtain the rewards when they queue dungeons.

Same issue as Throne of the Tides — players must complete the entire Harrison Jones chain in Uldum before they can take the quests from Brann Bronzebeard in HoO. This is silly, since the Uldum chain is extremely long and not everyone will get around to it before outgrowing reg dungeons.

Halls of Stone didn't force you to complete all the Brann quests in Storm Peaks to access his escort quest. Halls of Origination shouldn't, either. Please open this one up to leveling players queuing randoms, too.
As an aside, I love the idea of simple repeatable dungeon quests. That is an excellent idea for people who choose to level predominantly through Randoms!
The quest "Search and Rescue", given by Mack at Granite Springs in Grizzly Hills, is the end of a quest chain that leads directly into Drak'Tharon Keep.

However, it is not offered at the beginning of the instance for LFD groups.

This is inconsistent with "The Cleansing of Drak'Tharon", which is also the culmination of a medium-length quest chain in Grizzly Hills. Yet, "Cleansing of Drak'Tharon" is still offered directly by Drakuru for LFD groups.

Mack should appear at the entrance to Drak'tharon with his quest to find Kurzel (Search and Rescue). Kurzel should be placed back in the spider room, and once found, she should give her follow-up quest ("Head Games").

This would allow LFD groups to complete all the DTK quests without missing "Search and Rescue" due to not having the chance, knowledge, or time to quest through Grizzly Hills.

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