Unique Mage Transmog rate

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@Phaedrè: Nice work on gear choice, gets me on thinking you're a fire caster to not be messed with 10/10.

@Elescorpion: Pulled off a mad scientist look, like the arcane energies sent you crazy. Little more work though and you'll have it. 6/10.

Please picture Frostlord Ahune's Staff on back, Elemental standing next to me, that's what usually makes this set really.
@Icyheart* Not sure whats going on there.... Can you explain?
05/07/2012 09:08 AMPosted by Vanthaen
10/10 my gnomish friend


05/07/2012 09:09 AMPosted by Pheinix
*Phigment* First I would like to say I LOVE YOUR NAME! Great name for a mage. 2nd That set looks awesome on your Gnome! 10/10 and 3rd thank you good sir

And Thank-You :)
I've never seen a mage that looks even close to what I look like.
@Laggytoes* Nope I have not seen another mage with that, might I suggest a cloak? I am personally a big fan of Cloaks on mages in most cases. So Uniqueness is 8/10 Check out the addon called Mogit think you will find this helpful.
I don't mind cloaks in some contexts, but it doesn't play nice with tails has been my opinion. But it is certainly an aesthetic choice for sure. Thanks for the Mogit tip. I'll look into it.
05/07/2012 04:15 PMPosted by Laggytoes
I don't mind cloaks in some contexts, but it doesn't play nice with tails has been my opinion. But it is certainly an aesthetic choice for sure. Thanks for the Mogit tip. I'll look into it.

Oh yeah it doesn't go well with tails... so you are working with a different restraint, same with worgens the cloaks need to be longer to accommodate the hunch on there backs, some with non open faced helms for worgens.
It's okay. Mage Xmog isn't too difficult to get looking decent since we basically start from our chest piece and work from there. Also, so much is available via BC/WOTLK vendors.
Looks good, like what your thinking there =) Nice job you are the first I have seen with that combo. 9/10
I've gone with something simple with it being my Favorite tier, Only wish I could transmog my staff to the staff off of The Curator so I can look just like I did back in Bc before I did T5 content.
Nice effort people, but for sheer fun the Tempest Headpiece, exclusive to us mages, takes some beating.

Scored from the head of a major boss in the Mt Hyjal Raid area, this beautiful pale purple head has two set of spikes, front and larger at the back of the head.

Between these are glowing Van Der Graf rings rising dispersing and then rising again. Few other headpieces are animated to the extent of this one.

Plus it will cover a combination ranging from Robe of the Great Beyond to the Famous Blue Skank Dress as illustrated here.

Not only that, but finiding a token and having to bribe somone to raid up for five minutes so yo can see the vendor is interesting.

And dont talk about the shoulders.... the quest continues....
In the past, I never showed my helm/cloak b/ I pvp'd a lot and thought it gave more info to the enemies; but, I have started showing the cloak b/ the transmog ability makes it worthwhile. I still don't show helm, idk if it's I like seeing my head or what, I just don't like helms.

I made my pvp gear into an off-white/gold/black set. I just loved the idea of a pyro proc coming from a "priest." (for a while i used Cloak of Black Void, black w/ gold trim, but it kinda went a diff direction from the "priesty" look)

As an undead, I like to cover up as much as I can, sans head! :-)

Healthyglow - I like your setup, very Frostmage-ish. 9/10
Phigment - I love the black look...gonna have to try it on Undead Male. 12.5/10

edit for PvE gear - If I have on my pve gear, it's a red/black set, not as nice as the pvp gear, imo, but interesting, at the very least.
@Gimard* Hey I think that transmog system suits the nostalgic times of the past really well, and if that is what you want from the option of this new system that great, makes playing that much more fun for the player. I like that set and it looks really good on the Draenei. 9/10

@Healthyglow* lol well it just because I am a red blooded male that I do like that dress, and it does look good, brings more visual inspiration to the world. But I am starting to see this more these days, all though I will agree that the helm is one of my favorites of all time. If you have not yet, check out mogit, you might find some gloves that might complement that better. 8/10 and the color of this one is probably one of my favorites.

@Soltarnal* First I would like to say I like your name, and 2nd awesome set, it looks fantastic on your undead. The transmog option is great cause you can make your self look like another class, gives another dynamic in the pvp world of Deception, look like a priest, look like a warlock, and I am sure looking like other classes, makes it fun, it's good to mess with peoples minds.

To much gold for my taste but looks amazing
@Lyoou* That set looks good on a orc nice. yeah alot of gold, but I figure I am human alliance so, kinda goes with that theme, been thinking about changing the cloak up with something to break up the gold a little more.. we shall see. 8/10
7/10 for ridiculous level
Mine looks better in game imo, what with all the shiny glowy bits. I'm pretty happy with the way it came out.
NOTHING. Nothing looks good on a damn troll mage. Ugh
05/08/2012 10:25 PMPosted by Mowmow
NOTHING. Nothing looks good on a damn troll mage. Ugh

We look too cool... Nothing can further improve the look, because it's technically impossible.

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