Unique Mage Transmog rate

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You've strayed into shaman territory with that tribal look, but it hangs together well. 8/10

Very priestly. I like the color. Would have been ironic if you were fire-specced. 9/10
10/10 love pirates!

Wanted to make a set based around the Stormreaver Shadow-Kilt, and this is what I came up with. Helm is placeholder until I get the Priest tier lookalike from Ulduar and the staff im using is the blue version of Rhonin's staff (Power Torrent looks horrible on it). :(
@Vanthaen* I like the set, the head piece is throwing me off a little, it's probably just the angle of how I see it... Did you try a black mask? but I like the rest of it alot, nice choice on the shoulders. 8/10
While mine may not be "unique" I really like the look of it. It fits my character very well I think.
@Ammadaeus* Hey that is a nice set I like it, should maybe try and find a better belt it will help the look alot more.. repost when you found a better belt if you are willing. 7/10
@Pheinix I think I like the gold, more importantly I really do think you pull it off well, especially as a human. The uniqueness is what I like best, though 10/10

@Vantheen I like the Forsaken look, something like that is what I would expect some risen elf follower of Sylvanas to rock, if not actual Forsaken. It looks a little odd on a normal Blood elf, but that's just to me, I'm sure. 9/10

@Cosmos I like the look, but I def feel it belongs on a priest, rather then a mage. The set itself looks fantastic though. 8/10 (set itself is 10/10)

My set is super unoriginal, I know. I looked through a LOT of sets though, spent a lot of time on Mogit, I have to say I am kinda dissatisfied with cloth sets on blood elf mages. I think the Tirisfal set looks okay, but I don't dig the shoulders much :(

To be honest, I love the look of the Wrathful set so much, though. I think I'll probably stick with this until something new comes out. Also the standard armory pose really doesn't do it justice. Try to check it out on wowhead, if you can!

9/10 original

(I have a pirate hat) :D
Got a couple of nice tmog drops that really worked together well so put together a new look for my raid set. It screams fire-mage, but that's ok. (need a better belt I think)
@Nadriandir* Why thank you sir, I think it is a great represent of the human race tmog that I did, gold and blue, was trying to find a cool looking alliance tabard but blizzard just doesn't put the effort into the logo like they did for the horde logo. That tier set is one of my top 2 favorites love how lit looks. nice job.

@Khieleh* I love that set, it looks bad a s s on a undead, I would try and maybe find a belt that matches better, personal thought on that. 9/10
@Khieleh Nice helm :D 9/10

@Pheinix I like the green spots on that set. 9/10 also
Mine's not super unique, but it looks amazing to me (especially with the staff)

I also saved these goggles because I wanted a little touch of Izzet
@Ulthuan* I like that set myself, but I think the best part of that tier is the helm. Although only unique thing is the googles so on the set it's self I do 8/10
I would like a different "Red" set if anyone has any ideas. I only have this cause I never got it before ;P

What do you guys think of that set?
Eonix, I really like the set but not the helm. Everything else is great though. 8.5/10

Nadriandir, looks good but too common of a look for me. 8/10
@ Sickened, i like it. seems like a basic black mage outfit. haven't seen it around yet, so thats a plus too :)

nice hat. 8/10
05/14/2012 05:49 AMPosted by Shurakai
Yay just got my offhand that shows while sheathed. Too bad it doesnt show in armory :(

I love those shoulders.. Gonna try for those on my black PVP set. There're OH that show when sheathed?! any tomes?

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