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Dear Blizz and posse;

So you want level-cap players to get out of cities more, which is why you are removing Have Group Will Travel from Panda World. Well, then I have an idea for you.

How about you entice us to get out of the cities by awarding us gold, achievement, etc for attacking the opposite faction's cities. Yes, we have FTA and FTH, but after you do it once that's it. You don't do it anymore.

So you maybe asking yourself: "Well Lola, how would we go about doing this?". I am glad you asked Blizz, here is how:

  • Each week, the faction with the most points will automatically award the top 25 players who helped in that week 500g each, plus credit toward achievement(s). Everyone else gets 100g, so at least they get something out of it too.
  • A faction gets points by attacking various characters in the city. For example: 1pt for NPCs, 5pts for killing the AH NPCs (because we all know how much fund that is), 10 pt for a killing a player, 100pt for a King/Leader, etc.
  • You get an achievement for every 4 times you are in the top 25.
  • If you are in the top 25 12 times, you get a get a really cool mount + a title. And I don't meant a re-skin mount or lame mount (like the one you get when you get 100 mounts), I mean like a really, really cool mount.
  • Add a new UI option for Faction War (like PvP), which would show everyone who contributed and their leader board ranking. Plus which faction is winning that week. Both will entice players to participate more to get higher in the ladder or to push to attack the other faction's cities.

Oh and this would apply to any city.

Oh and to make it even more fun, put portals to all the cities back in Dalaran, because Dalaran is kewl. This way the defending faction can quickly go and counter act the attack. Making for even more fun.

Do this and watch how quickly forgotten places like IF, Exo, Darnassus get people again.

Plus it would be soooooo much fun. I mean what's more fun then stopping the Horde from killing the SW King and then dancing on their bodies and hunting them down as they try to run away. mwhahahahah... That is super fun. :D

So yeah, think about it Blizz. Really, really think about it. :D

~ Lola

p.s. Remember Blizz, arguing with a women is like getting arrested. Everything you say can and WILL be used against you . :o
Decent idea for those who enjoy PvPing a lot. But what about those of us who mainly stick with PvE? On another note, I do love the Dalaran idea. I kind of miss actually seeing Dal being populated to the point that my framerate would actually drop.
I think we should also get a satchel for a chance at a mount or something too. This would definitely get me out of Org for once.
What about all those severely imbalanced realms? What about the faction that's the minority? What do they get?
That would work splendidly in Alleria, which is about 95% Alliance.

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