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Mobile Bug Report
Hi, last night I updated the wow armory remote for my droid phone. After I updated I was no longer able to sign into guild chat. Instead I get the error: unable to establish connection with server. I am still able to use the remote auction house amd other features but the primary reason I got this app was to talk with guildies.
If you know what my problem is please inform me, any help much appreciated.
I too have been having no luck with logging into mobile guild chat, ever since I decided to get this app over a week ago.. all I have ever gotten was the "unable to establish a connection". However I have never had an issue with mobile AH. I've deleted and installed twice to make sure. I'm using Droid Incredible.. any help with this would be greatly appreciated. One thing I just checked.. I had no issues logging into guild chat on a couple servers that I pretty much never play on anymore but its my main server that is having the issue... Moon Guard.
I have been experiencing the same problem on my iPad. Have been using hte app for several months with no issues, within the last few days it has said that it was unable to establish a connection, while it operates on my phone on the same network with no issues whatsoever.

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