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Earthen Ring
We are a level 25 social raiding guild on Earthen Ring. Our goal is to make sure all of our members have fun first and foremost. As well as progressively raiding. Basically come to have fun and if you fell like raiding that is open to you as well right now we are still running dragon soul we are 8/8. We plan to continue raiding till Mist of Pandaria comes out while taking it easy and laid back. When Mist of Pandaria comes out to do plan to start raiding ASAP. (For those into raiding) as well as at some point I would like to start a rated pvp team. Our back ground we where form 2 years ago on the server Malygos decided to move due to lack of horde and disrespectful people on the server. Our 1st week on Earthen Ring we started raiding and by the 3rd week we downed Deathwing… which was a great feat for us and feel it was due to the new people we picked up on Earthen Ring and just there mere friendliness. We do have many people that do play Sarcraft 2 and Diablo 3 as well as other games. We plan to go back to old content to get achievements. So to some things up our goal is to provide a fun leveling and raiding experience in one big family .Fell free to contact Kameo or any guild member to get you an officer for information on joining the guild as well as visit www.aberration13.guildportal.com .
P.S. All we ask from our member is to be respectful to others
Seperate that into paragraphs, otherwise its a very hard to read wall of text. x.x

Not saying it to be mean, its just hard to read. :)
My eyes burn!!

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