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I have a feeling that Blizzard will be posting a "Did You Know" blog post on focus soon...
05/05/2012 11:17 PMPosted by Lorinall
I have a feeling that Blizzard will be posting a "Did You Know" blog post on focus soon...

Oh no we would not want people to help others would we!?
For anything outside of arena, this macro is used to set my focus target:
/focus [@mouseover,nodead,exists]; [@target,exists]

if you mouseover a target and press this, it will set that as the focus. If there's not target mouseover'd, it will choose the current target as the focus target.

For arenas, I use:
/focus arena1 and /target arena1
/focus arena2 " "
/focus arena3 " "

For those wanting to save space, instead of using two macros, such as:
/cast Polymorph and
/cast [@focus] Polymorph (and binding them to two different keys)

You can use:
/cast [mod:shift, target=focus][nomod] Polymorph

Say you bind this to 5:
If you press 5, it polymorphs your current target
If you press shift-5, it polymorphs your focus target
I find it useful to set focus on the flag carrier in WSG, TP, and EotS. Otherwise, I rarely use it.

I'm just a battleground player, though. I don't regularly do arenas.
Ok, I'm stupid. Like dumber than hot asphalt stupid most of the time. I even know how to use Goggle. But for the life of me I haven't been able to find a site that explains how to create and use macros for the truely dumb, like me. Not one site defines the terms or syntax -- they all assume you already know that. Someone please help us !@#$%. We want to learn but suspect there is a more efficient way than finding someone and doing it one on one as was suggested in an earlier post. It's pathetic playing a lock for many years and not using macros. Someone make a macro site that starts on a "see Jack run" level, please!
How do you focus quickly? This function I'm not very familiar with and I usually use it to assist the tank or keep an eye on our party's healer in case they get into trouble. That is in PvE though. I've been reading these trying to get an idea how to get better at PvP and maybe actually try it out more seriously.

How do you focus an enemy and how do you know which one is the healer?? You can't inspect them when they are flagged. So how do you know who the healer is? I'm always amazed at how fast other PvPers identify them and I'll stop to try and click around the enemy looking but that takes a while and is usually fatal.
P.S. Yeah I already know how to use set focus, but only on a point and click level. Don't know how to use focus in a macro; that's really what this thread is about is it not?
And yeah I do have a couple of macros like a main assist that I copied and pasted, but I've still no clue how to create my own so when I see one like
/Castsequence [target=focus] Curse of elements, Bane of Havoc, Corruption
for instance, I've little idea what I'm looking at much less how to create and when to use.
One thing that I havn't seen mentioned is that with the use of quartz( a cast bar mod) you can always see exacly what your focus is casting. This is obviously helpful in pvp but on fights like Ultraxion healers can see exacly when the boss is casting something that you need to avoid.

05/06/2012 07:28 AMPosted by Vinya
How do you focus an enemy and how do you know which one is the healer??

To focus an enemy quickly use the following macro, you just need to mouseover the desired focus target.
/focus [target=mouseover]

For finding healers easily, Well there are only 4 classes that can heal. So you know that the healer has to be a paladin, shaman, druid, or priest. You can tell paladin healers by their very large mana pool. If a priest isn't in shadow form they are a healer. If a druid is not in a bear cat or moonkin form he's probably a healer although most are in stealth to start. As far as shamans I have no idea, if I'm getting hit I assume they are not healing.

Yeah I already know how to use set focus, but only on a point and click level. Don't know how to use focus in a macro; that's really what this thread is about is it not?
And yeah I do have a couple of macros like a main assist that I copied and pasted, but I've still no clue how to create my own

I just started messing with macros, the easiest way for me to learn was to start with something simple and then build on it. What follows is the simplest focus macro that exists and then creates increasingly more complex macros from the previous ones. I hope it helps someone.

From what I can tell [target=focus] is the same as [@focus] because the second version is shorter and there is a character cap on macros it is preferable to use the second version.

The first macro is the simplest this will cast Blind on your focus target without losing your current target.
/cast [@focus] Blind

An alternative version will cast blind on your focus target, if you have no focus (I haven't tested it on a focus target that is dead or out of range yet) then it will cast Blind on your current target.
/cast [@focus, exists] Blind; blind;

By adding the nodead tag to your focus it will check if your focus is dead if he is then it will cast blind on your current target.
/cast [@focus, nodead, exists] Blind; blind;

Adding the help and harm tags will allow your macro to do separate things depending on whether your focus is friendly or not.
/cast [@focus, harm, nodead] Blind; [@focus, help, nodead] Tricks of the Trade

This macro makes use of the cast sequence command, you need to press the button twice but you will still retain your original target.
/castsequence [@focus] Shadowstep, Kick

This is the same macro as above but will Kick if you hold down shift or Kidney shot if you do not. This macro needs to be pressed 3 times.
/castsequence [mod:shift, @focus] Shadowstep, Kick
/castsequence [@focus] Redirect, Shadowstep, Kidney Shot

Finally we can add a reset tag this will make it so that it will follow the cast sequence and then stop until the reset condition is met. The numbers after reset in this case are the number of seconds.
/castsequence [mod:shift, @focus] reset=24 Shadowstep, Kick
/castsequence [@focus] reset=60 Redirect, Shadowstep, Kidney Shot

If any of these are wrong let me know I think I tested them all out and they should work but I might have missed one. Also would anyone be able to tell me how to switch the tooltips so that they show the spell like normal but show the modifier spell when the modifier key is pressed?
I use stacks of macros on my warlock, didnt go through all 5 pages so not sure if someone already posted, but I will throw a few out there, because as a Lock, a focus target can be extremely useful.

/cast [target=focus] Fear

Fears your focus target.

/cast [target=focus] Spell Lock

For interrupting clutch heals if the healer is your focus.

/cast [target=focus] Death Coil

During clutch kill opportunities can be used as an interrupt/short fear into a full length fear or another CC, such as polymorph, blind, etc.

/cast [target=focus] Devour Magic

Just a quick one I use for priest bubbles, HoTs, but more than anything for Pally wings.

For those having trouble setting focus rapidly, there are many options depending on whether you are BGing or Arenaing.

For arenas, use:

/focus arena1
/focus arena2
/focus arena3

Assuming you are doing 3s, those will focus whichever Player is unit 1, 2, or 3 in your arena frames. These also are able to be keybound to a simple CTRL 1-3 if you are not using them to allow for quick focusing and quick focus switching.

For battlegrounds, the easiest way to monitor targets and set/change focuses is with an addon called Battleground Targets. Its a simple right click on the players name to focus them, and monitors the entire teams health, how many of your team are targeting each player, their range from you, and who has the flag.

Another way to have even more mobility with casting at required targets is to have @arena1, @arena2, and @arena3 macros. They would look like:

/cast [@arena1] Fear - Keybound to G

/cast [@arena2] Fear - Keybound to Shift+G

/cast [@arena3] Fear - Kebound to Alt+G

The list goes on and on, and is an alternative to Focus casting, allowing the ability to cast at several targets with simple modifiers.

And the nice thing is, if you use default arena frames, all you have to do is right click their arena frame to set them as your focus. From there, outside an arena match re-arrange your player/target/focus unit frames so they are all centrally located, all visible at once, but they do not block your character from view.

TL;DR Without Focus Targeting, high end arena becomes very hard as target switching for CC chains and interrupts costs precious seconds.
Hit submit too early on my phone, actual post below.
Focus targets are a necessity in arena. For players using the Gladius addon there is an option to set a target as your focus by simply right clicking the target on gladius. So left click targets and right click focus targets. I want to say the blizzard arena frames have that capability built in as a default function (and if they don't it should be added) but I haven't used them in a long time.

I know everyone is saying that you should always set healers as focus but that is simply not always going to be true. You have to think about the synergy of your team versus that of the one you are facing. For example, lets say that I'm playing WLS (Warrior, Lock, Shaman) and we've been matched against the ever popular Shadowplay (Warlock, Spriest, Shaman). Comps like splay are DoT cleaves and excel at overwheling opponents with constant pressure once the dots are spread. If everyone on my WLS were to focus only their healer we would be crushed under the pressure (against a team of similar MMR)and our healer would OOM. In the interest of not sacrificing our positioning, it is usually going to be best to have our shaman focus his shears and grounds on the warlock or shadow priest, whoever I (the warrior) am not on to interrupt, only swapping his shear focus to the enemy shaman if he overextends for a hex for example. At certain points in the game our warlock will even swap focus to a DPS to stop pressure such as at the very start to prevent their momentum while we build ours, OR during a time when we're behind and our opponents have popped DA or DS, stopping those mind spikes with focus spell locks or focus fears can be crucial.

The goal is obviously to stay offensive and never have to back down from the counter pressure, but this cannot happen forever, you're going to meet your match eventually, and if you want to best them consistently you're probably going to have to swap your focus off the healer at points against the popular caster heavy teams especially.
I always focus the healer if theres no healer then i kill the EFC (enemy flag carrier) if no EFC i kill the person with either very low gear or low health.
For target switching, here is a macro that swaps your focus and targets. (Focus becomes target, and target becomes focus.)

/target focus

Here's how you do it as a rogue if you want to redirect your combo points in the process.

/target focus
/cast Redirect
Coming from a mage point of view there's two macros I feel like every mage should have:

/cast [target=focus] Polymorph
/cast [target=focus] Counterspell


I would add that your counterspell macro needs a /stopcasting so that you guarantee you get your counter off
I have Cyclone and Skull Bash (my interrupt) set so they will normally target my primary target, but will target my Focus target if I hold Shift. Super helpful, I recommend it to everyone. Another thing that Foci are good for is keeping track of multiple enemies at once, since you can easily see their health, resource, and debuffs without having to switch targets.
If you only have one focus macro, this is the one:

#showtooltip Wind Shear
/cast [mod:shift,@focus] Wind Shear; Wind Shear

Obviously, replace Wind Shear with whatever ability you want to use (i.e. Strangulate, Counter Spell, Sheep, Cyclone, Death Grip, Charge, Chains of Ice, Kick, HoJ, etc.)

Bind it to a key. Press the hotkey to cast on your target. Press the hotkey while holding Shift and cast on your focus target.
As a Ret Paladin specced into Selfless Healer and Last Word, I always set my focus on one of my teammates, with clothies and leather-wearers getting priority. That way, I can use this quick little macro that I keep binded to give them a nice 75-90k Word of Glory crit if they ever fall below 30% Health:

/cast [target=focus] Word of Glory

It provides a major advantage. People usually won't expect something like that.
I can also replace the Word of Glory spell with something such as my hands, like Hand of Freedom, or Hand of Sacrifice if they get rooted or trained repectively.

Haing focus on a teammate may be a slight hiderence to my CC ability, it still gives my 2s partner ALOT more survivability. :) Remember: One of Ret's strong points are it's utility and off-heals. Use them well.
i don't see the point of this war college crap. go to arena junkies if you need help nerds.
that is NOT true esp in arena's
i skimmed through some of the responses and saw not many people using modifiers in their focus macros. which means you have to have 2 abilities bound, one to use it on your target, and one to use it on your focus. this means a lot of binds, and a lot confusion. you may hit "f" think its blind focus, when it was "d" and you just wasted your blind on your target. so here are some macros i use on my rogue, if your play another class, you can just replace the abilities name with your own.

Blind Macro:

/cast [@target,nomod] Blind
/cast [@focus,mod:ctrl] Blind

Dismantle Macro:

#showtooltip Dismantle
/cast [@target,nomod] Dismantle
/cast [@focus,mod:ctrl] Dismantle

Gouge Macro:

#showtooltip Gouge
/cast [@target,nomod] Gouge
/cast [@focus,mod:ctrl] Gouge

Kick Macro:

#showtooltip Kick
/cast [@target,nomod] Kick
/cast [@focus,mod:ctrl] Kick

Redirect Kidney:

#showtooltip Redirect
/castsequence [@target,nomod] reset=20 Redirect, Kidney Shot
/castsequence [@focus,mod:ctrl] reset=20 Redirect, kidney shot

I have several more macros for abilities like CD's, sap, and recup/SnD to save key binds. also, you can change to modifier to whatever you like, shift or alt. i use ctrl because i think of controlling people with my macros. hope this helps

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