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as the title says, I am a 404 ilvl retribution paladin looking for a permanent raid spot with a 10m 8/8H DS guild. Any server / either faction is fine. I am ready to transfer now and am ready to put some foot to !@#. I am 7/8 achieived but 8/8H experienced on this paladin. Shadowsong no longer has anything to offer me, there are only 4 guilds there that can do 8/8H (2 of them that can do it consistantly) and none of them have raid spots available. The server is really horrid for progression. I do not have a pve OS, my OS is ret pvp.
Hi Uther my guild has an immediate opening for a ret pally. We are a 10 man guild 8/8 heroic dragon soul. Here is the link to our recruitment post with all of our info http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2353265877 or check out our site www.axiomofantonidas.com any further questions please feel free to contact me.

We raid Tuesday-Thursday 6-10pm PST (9pm-1am EST)
looking into it ty
Hi Uther,

Dabu is a 10m 8/8 Heroic DS and 7/7 Heroic guild on the Khadgar server looking to fulfill a core spot on our roster. We've been around since BC and consistently raiding since Wrath. A ret paladin would be perfect as we currently have no paladins. I'd love for you to come check us out at - www.dabuguild.com- to see if we'd be a good fit for you.

We really desire someone who wants a long term home now through MOP and many other expansions.
Raid Times: W 8-11, Friday 930-1, Sunday 8-11 PM EST
All food, flasks, gems, repairs, BIS buyable gear, etc. is provided.
*Note: Since we've finished the tier we currently are only raiding Wednesdays to get people missing mounts, achievements, etc. Our schedule will resume for beta raid testing. Our goal is to see end game content on a 3 night/week schedule. Most of us get together in RL too, as we are a tight knit guild.

Let me know if you have any questions or post on our forums. We still haven't found the right fit and I'd really like you to come give us a look.
TY Edynn, checking out your guild now :)

P.S. on your site it says you are "done for now, see you in Pandaria" does that mean no more raids until then, or would we still be farming DS? I would really love to see my 8/8 before this is over, and then of course continue on in MoP.
Hi Uther,

How about a 25 man team with the close knit feel of 10's?

Blood Sweat & Tiers ( 8/8HM ) is an first year 25 man guild that was built by veteran progression raiders who were unhappy with what they were giving up in terms of guild culture in order to down content. We all believed that a guild could be progressive and STILL maintain a professional, mature teamwork oriented atmosphere. The officers and most of the guild are older, working professionals who want to have a focused raid environment coupled with a rich guild environment, all in a three day, nine hour raid week.

Blood Sweat & Tiers is a guild for experienced raiders committed to achieving a rank of US200 in 25 man raiding. Most importantly, our goal is to down all content in a Tier while it is relevant, including the Meta Achievement, we are looking people who feel just as strongly that missing those goals is NOT an option.. Blood Sweat and Tiers has all the prerequisites of a stable, long lasting guild:

* A track record of progression
* An energetic, committed, unified and experienced leadership team
* A clearly articulated vision for the guild
* A commitment to recruiting standards to support that vision
* A balanced approach to achieving short term goals without sacrificing the long term

What we are looking for:

* Accountability - We are looking for team players who admit their faults, and fix them.
* Experience - We want to know you have the stamina for progression
* Dedication - we are looking for 90+ percent attendance raiders looking for a new long-term home
* Situational Awareness - can you do your job without standing in the < insert flame, slime, etc here >, repeated "DERPS" build resentment
* Reliability - good gaming system, good internet connection, etc
* Focus - Our raid schedule is 3 nights a week, yet we expect to clear all content
* Forum Participation - This where we discuss strats, not while we are sitting in front of the boss.
* Teamwork - We commit to each person that we will build a team that they will be proud to raid with, and feel assured they are all giving 110% to reach our goals..

In return we offer:

* Adult raiding - Our average raider is over 30, there is no yelling, no berating, there ispositive reinforcement, long term strategic vision, and accountability without drama.
* Experience - Officers have experience leading guilds and raids since early BC, and have been playing since release.
* No Bench - We do not recruit a bench, we have a roster size goal of 29
* Consumebales - Flasks, feasts, enchants and guild repairs for all raiders in good standing
* Loot - We are using a EPGP with high decay which discourages hording and encourages rapid improvement to the benefit of the raid team without officer intervention.
* Transparency - guild management is open about all guild business, guild membership is in charge of various aspects of guild maintenance.

Our Raid Schedule:

* Thursday, 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST
* Sunday, 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST
* Monday, 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST

All times are server/pacific time, although the server is physically in Chicago for lower pings country wide

Please contact us at http://BloodSweatandTiers.com

You can contact us also via email or RealID at BSaTrecruiter@gmail.com

We look forward to meeting you
We would love to add a good Ret Paladin to our roster but we're 25 man. We're 8/8H and while we do maintain a 4 night raiding schedule during progression, we're currently clearing all 8 bosses on Tuesday. Please add my Real ID so we can discuss things further: Nyoki@email.com.
<Dysfunction> of Kel'Thuzad is recruiting competent raiders for Heroic 25 man raiding.

Guild summary
    Semi-hardcore 25 man raiding guild.
    !DKP loot system.
    Guild level 25.

    Tier 13: 8/8 - 25 Heroic
    Tier 12: 7/7 - 25 Heroic
    Tier 11: 13/13 - 25 Heroic

Raid times
    Sunday - Wednesday from 8:30pm to 12am CST

About Kel'Thuzad (PVP)
    Kel'Thuzad is one of the original 43 PvP servers that were opened upon the release of World of Warcraft, and is named after the lich Kel'Thuzad. The server runs at Mountain Standard Time.

    KT usually goes between "Full" and "High" status and is extremely active. The realm has a player base intensely active in both PVE and PVP play and currently has an Alliance to Horde ratio of approximately 6 to 1. It is also one of the few alliance servers with multiple 25 man opportunities, seemingly not being hit by the 10 man exodus quite as hard. Ranked #1 for Population of PVP Alliance Servers

    Cataclysm raid experience of at least 4/8 Heroic and a minimum gear level 398+. Exalted with your Head & Shoulder Enchant factions with current World of Log parses.

The following classes/specs are all listed as High Priority:

    Exceptional DPS

We're currently recruiting for Dragon Soul. This is just high priority, we're always looking to increase our ranks with veteran and skilled players, therefore even if your class/spec isn't listed, feel free to apply!

How to apply
    Website: http://www.dysfunctionkt.com/
    Contact: Babycake, Wuvs or Eva
    Real ID: Nyoki@email.com

<OOB> may be the guild for you!

Server: Kael’thas – PVE
Faction: Alliance
Raids: 25 man
Time: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8PM EST-11PM EST
Progression: 7/8 H DS
Madness: 2-3%

Stability and Experience - OOB was formed (under our former name Order of Bahamut) just a couple weeks after the server was opened in October 2005. <OOB> was made in November 2006 and has been raiding on Kael'thas since level 60 Molten Core. We have survived many summers, stale content syndromes, and three expansions.

Efficiency - Although we strive to reach high levels of progression, our goal is to do so on a limited raiding schedule (9 hours/week). Accordingly, we strive to be as efficient with our members' time as we can.

Community - Our raiding environment is relaxed and friendly. We allow our raiders to invite their friends and family to the guild. Through the guild bank we provide flasks, food and repairs for all raids. We have groups in the evenings who run all sorts of BGs and Arenas and work on PVP achievements as well as achievements for older tiers. We welcome alts, friends and family and run alt raids as well.

If you’re interested please apply at http://oobguild.net/
To talk more, you can contact me at my Real ID: TropicalPikachu@gmail.com
Or, in game, come talk to myself, Fairyn, or any officer: Alathria, Choogy, Chammois, Captnice, Altronix, or our GM, Aribethe

Thanks and hope to raid with you soon!

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