LFG for Glory to the Cata/Firelands radier

I am looking to have some fun and do some early cata content for the meta achiemvents and titles and such. Looking for anything thats Heroic BWL, BOT or TO4W + firelands achiemvents. I'm 401 ilvl prot warrior or 398 arms.

If any guilds or groups are planning on running these please hit me up if you looking for more. I am available mostly on weekends for runs since i raid during the week. know the fights and i usually don't fail, whats not to like.

I'm also looking to finish up some of the T11 and T12 non-heroic achievements, as are a few others in Empire. If you set something up, or others are looking, I'm sure we could fill a 10 man :)
If you are doing the entire Glory of the Cataclysm raider(not just normal achieves all the heroic bosses too) on fri/sat i'm in.. 398 resto druid know every single heroic mode and killed 10.
I would love to do these as well. I need a few for T12, and a lot for T11.
Saturdays work well for me, and fit in between guild raids as well. If we can find a few more people interested (especially a tank and non-RDruid healer), we could likely fill this and set something up for an upcoming Saturday. Finishing both sets of achievements wouldn't be hard, but would likely be a month long process, depending on what people need. For example:

Week 1: Non-heroic metas, T11.
Week 2: Non-heroic metas, T12.
Weeks 3: Heroics, T11.
Week 4: Heroics, T12.

Obviously that's not entirely accurate, especially if we had committed people to blow through all the non-heroic pieces in a single week. However, I can personally attest to the fact that H Nef and H Al'Akir can still give people trouble, as can H Alys if people stand in silly stuff.
Saturdays usually work well for me to. althought this saturday unfortuntely does not. i could possibly do this sunday.

your schedule looks doable, the only thing that might give us trouble is the T11 heroics. Thats alot of content to clear in a night if it doesn't go perfectly. BOT and BWD will likely take a while to clear out on heroic. might have to push the T11 heroics to a two night thing.

other then that the achievments we should blow through, cept for "do a barrel roll" i am sure most of us need the damn fiery tornado portion of that achievment.

I'm sure between are few guilds we could rangle up some moer good players who would be interested in this.

I like Sylvandras's way of splitting it up, and Saturday and Sunday nights/afternoons would work perfect for me as well. If you cannot get enough people interested that are on Garona, just make a post on Openraid.us and it will fill in a heartbeat.
I'd rather do a fri and sat night thing, and all I need is H Alys and Only the Penitent for my glory. Need lots for t11 xD. We could always run for like a long time for the HMs but only a short time for normal clears. add me on real ID altair_timaeus@hotmail.com
I'd be interested in attending to get these achieves, weekends also work well for me if scheduled in advance.
Send a mail to my priest if you need a healer. I'd be interested in getting them on my priestyalt, Kinetix.
definitely down for these.
I'm bad but want to go
05/08/2012 01:24 PMPosted by Kinaesthetic
Send a mail to my priest if you need a healer. I'd be interested in getting them on my priestyalt, Kinetix.

We don't need any more baddies in here. We already have Ujelly, we don't need to carry anymore people!
Posted by Kinaesthetic
Send a mail to my priest if you need a healer. I'd be interested in getting them on my priestyalt, Kinetix.

We don't need any more baddies in here. We already have Ujelly and myself, we don't need to carry anymore people!

i would be up for doing these too if you guys could use another dps
Since there's a fair amount of interest, let me toss out a calendar invite later this evening. If you've posted on a character other than one you'd like to come on, give me a shout. I'll most likely schedule the first set of these for the weekend after this (Saturday the 19th). About 7:00 server is ideal for me, toss me an in-game if that doesn't work out for you.

The simplest way to start out would be in Tier 11 non-heroic metas, and they're also the most forgiving if we don't have a full group of individuals that have experienced the fights often.
I have an LFR shield, may I join you please?
I would usually go for saturdays. but i am oddly busy these next couple weeks. Sunday May 20th would work best for me personally.

Sats good for me , 400 ilvl now!
A few have mentioned that 7:00 is a bit early, so the invite is for 9:00 instead. We'll be likely driving hard for about 3 hours, so please plan accordingly.

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