LFG for Glory to the Cata/Firelands radier

Sylv , Whats the schedule? Can we clear one tier then the next? That way don't have to wait a long time to get your glory and can get it in faster? IE
Week1) T11 normal metas,
Week 2) T11 HMs
Week 3) T12 Normals
Week 4) T12 HM

possibly? or heck even T12 HM week 2 I really don't care just a suggestion :)
Oh also i'd pref if we started at 8. I kinda have stuff to do on alts at 11 pm. I am only in for the t11 metas and titles btw
ok so my schedule changed and saturday will work. 9 is a bit late. 7-8 would be easier. send me and in game invite. 401 ilvl tank or 398 arms dps.

Yep so I think we should change time to 8. Seems easier ATM.
We'll end a bit earlier if people have to leave early, or we can continue with other members. There are a few other members whose schedules work out better with the 9:00pm schedule.

And the purpose of the T11-T12 organization is not to complete Glory more quickly, but rather to create a progression from easiest to hardest encounters that allows us to gel as a group more before we attempt harder bosses. (Assuming many of the same people care to work on this entire set of achievements.)
Definitely count me in for the future Sylv, just this weekend doesn't work as I'll be afk for my little brothers graduation :)
Turns out I can't make it this weekend :/ sorry
Are you all still taking people for the meta's? I'm a bit of an achievement junkie (13.2k) and I still need a bunch of the non-FL ones. Especially if you do Friday/Saturday, I'll make every one ;) Much as I hate gs's, mines 401 so it should be adequate. Besides, I miss raiding--RS hasn't raided since January and the curse that was Star Wars... Anyway, let me know and I'll be on.


PS And I won't be on Diablo, the latest drain from WoW.
Invite sent :-)
Currently down a couple of positions still; we could use a swing healer/DPS and another DPS. Let me know if anyone's got friends interested. If not, we'll pug it intelligently.
What are times again? I am an Arms Warrior, could/would like to come 395 with knowing the fights of t11 and t12 content.
We'll be running 9:00pm to Midnight tonight, and likely knocking out non-heroic T11 achievements.
Had fun tonight...sign me up for next week, too. Hopefully Max will actually show up this time? ;-)
Invites for next week have been sent out. Non-heroic FL achievements are on the schedule. The rest of the information is in the invite. I've also added people that showed interest in the forum post.
Doh! Just saw the invite for last weekend. Sorry I missed it. Unfortunately, I have to decline the FL run for this weekend--I'm only 30 siphons from finishing my legendary and, as such, I'm trying to get into any run I can to finish it off--can't burn one if the siphons are already taken. Now, if you wanted to help me finish mine first...I figure I'm one semi-heroic run away ;)

Please keep me in mind for other runs though. As long as I catch it 24 hours in advance my wife's very good about letting me have the time off.

Well, at least I know to watch the calendar better now!

BTW-Nice job with the invite, you did include all the necessary info in it, not many do and, again, I apologize for missing the first one.
More than fine Darlock. As an update for others, Cinders are now up for grabs as well; anyone on the first or second step of collection may lay claim to Embers or Cinders respectively, just let me know.

I can be ret as well Sylv, so if you end up getting someone who can only heal that's fine :)
Assuming Aurelianna and I both heal, you could Ret the entire instance if you wanted to Hellsent :) A welcome break from responsibility!

As an aside, we'd love some skilled ranged DPS this week, especially since I'd love to kill Alys without a single tornado phase. Don't hesitate to toss me a tell in game if this is something you'd be interested in.
Only looking for ranged? Or are any other spots available?
Sylvandras would actually prefer to solo heal seven Warriors and a ret Paladin, please Garona, don't let him down.

Sunderstruck, invite sent :-)

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