so i went afflic and...

OK. so i went affliction and I have to say after practicing on the raid dummies for about an hour or so my dps is falling way short. The reason i went afflic/destro was because most top warlocks are either afflic/demo or afflic/destro so i gotta know whats the secret so i can keep up with my raid team numbers.

FYI i don't think armory has updated since i played around with the specs.
From what I understand if you want the most help possible a World of Logs link would be the best thing to post so that they can see what you are doing.
thnx for that. Never been there have to check it out.
yeah you're running aff for multidotting and execution. your dummy dps will always blow.
theres a guid on the forums which breaks up ds fight by fight and recommends a fight for each, i think about half of them recommend aff.
ya i read that and that's why i went afflic with a haste demo offspec
You also have to account for raid buffs. Affliction gets the greatest benefit from the haste buffs including DI and Heroism, as well as the buff on Madness. If your raid blows Heroism on the first platform, affliction's lead increases even more because the other specs will have a lot more of their damage capped by the GCD.

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