Gnomes should take Newman's Landing

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Newman's landing would make a great sea base for the gnomes. High Admiral Shelly is not an enamy of the gnomes so I would propose buying it from him. He is a pirate so a trade for gold and a ship should do. Once bought escavations should begin on the long buried tunnel from Dun Murogh. This port would be valuable for supplying DM once repaired and expanded.
I'd imagine the gnomes would have a port of their own somewhere around Dun Morogh. I mean, those submarines wouldn't have built themselves. As for why we've never seen a gnome port. Gameplay limitations/lack of models/it not being important enough to add to the game.
ugh story for gnomes? you must not understand blizzard doesnt write serious lore for gnomes
There is archaeological evidence that this was used by gnomes long ago and an unknown clan of dwarfs. For whatever reason they abandoned it and the pirates let it get ran down. The tunnel enterances were collapsed and burried. Probably during a war. Point is though it could serve as a close and profitable port. Think trade with stormwind as an example.
I'm all for story developments involving gnomes.
Thanks we need more lore!
It would also be great to bring in supplies to retake, clean up and rebuild Gnomeregon for good.

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