Krye (gnome war) is a liar and a theif.

Never group with or trade with Krye. I'll be the nice guy and warn you now. Just jacked a TCG mount from me. He must have no care for anyone but himself and honestly probably doesn't have that. He has a ton of TCG mounts and pets and he probably stole them all. Just do yourself a favor, log on and /ignore Krye and move on with your life. Thanks for your time.

And ignore anyone in the guild Skyrim as well as they support him.
haha, i'm really not, i'm more sad at how people have no idea that other people on wow are real people that have real lives and 200k gold kinda matters to them.
My solid state or arousal is so fascinating that a local charity calld and asked if i could host an event where passerbys could just bask in the majesty i project.
cant you put tcg mounts in the AH?
I think the moral of the story is: Never trust a gnome.
how do you get a tcg mount stolen
rwt duh
/facepalm...look...If he stole it, it's YOU'RE fault for being dumb because he cant just take it from you. you either traded it or mailed it to him for free off the bat so stop whining.
The point isn't whether or not i made a mistake miss facepalm. The point is Kyre/Longshöt or anyone in his guild Skyrim (all the same person). Has no morals and will spin lie after lie to convince you he is a good person with a fair deal. I'm not an idiot we talked for almost an hour and I figured with his 10+tcg mounts and all the most expensive pets he couldn't of stole all of those and must just be a rich kid. What i learned was he prolly stole all of those items with lies and I'm trying to stop that at least on Kel'Thuzad. If someone doesn't make a forum post about him he will continue rampaging this server, I'm guessing he has done this to over 20 people based on how many mounts and pets he has which doesn't count what he has sold. He's a good liar, but thats not a trait we should support on this server with /facepalm comments.
I'd also like to add, before i made the trade i spent about 10 min google searching him to see if anyone has complained about him. Couldn't find anything either because he recently xfered here or because people haven't spoken up.

Now the 2nd google link for " krye kel'thuzad " is this forum. Whoever googles him first now will be spared.
so you traded to him in exchange for a later payment?

see whether or not he ninja logged and never paid you for the mount, what you fail to realize is that this is entirely your fault. You cant "trust" anyone over a video game. No number of hours spent google searching someones character name (lawl) will make it ok to just give someone something and expect a good faith payment in return.

Next time cod or recieve gold at the trade window like EVERYONE else does.

and then these threads will disappear.
05/05/2012 03:09 PMPosted by Demoriul
it's YOU'RE fault

haha thanks, its not my fault but i did make a mistake trusting someone, sounds like trusting any of you is a bad idea based on your comments. And already cut my losses and made back most of what i lost, got some lucky sales.
05/05/2012 10:22 PMPosted by Akhiro
it's YOU'RE fault


Lol....I like it....
05/05/2012 10:22 PMPosted by Akhiro
it's YOU'RE fault


this is kryes other crap war
05/05/2012 09:50 PMPosted by Busybee
Think it's time to cut you

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