Two suggestions I'd like to see added to WoW.

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1: I'd like to be able to transfer more items between my own chars. It's nice that we have a few account bound items but honestly I'd really like to transfer other items such as non combat pets, mounts and other rare seasonal type stuff..

For example, I have a rare drop mount on one of my chars that I rarely play with. I'd rather pass that mount on to my favorite char.

Why does it really matter? I earned it.... The person at the keyboard put in the time and effort so why should it matter what character gets the item? Is another player really going to have a fit about it and so what if they do? It's just a game, get over it.


2: Drop rates in seasonal event need to be looked at and changed.
I've been trying every year since 2007 to get the headless horseman mount and I've never seen it drop and yet there will be players that just started playing this week that will probably win it this year. The system is flawed. I've been playing WoW since November 2004 and there is no reward for it. Year after year I participate in the seasonal events to come out empty handed at the end of the event.
I can't understand why these items are so hard to get. Why does blizzard or anyone else care if every player in the game gets these items?

I can understand why some items should be really rare to get. The Time Lost Proto Drake or Rivendare's Deathcharger. Players can try to get these mounts every day, all day long and persistence will pay off.

There should be a better way for players to get special items like the Headless Horseman's mount since we only have a limited time each year to get it.

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