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whats the best spec for pve Priest healing? im doing disc atm but ive seen people use holy... is there something that makes holy better in pve?
its personal preference last patch Disc was far better then holy but holy got a nice buff last patch with heavenly voice used at the right time it can be a very powerful heal but there is no clear winner with Disc and holy in pve play what u are more comfortable playing.

granted some fights are better as disc and some are better as holy personally i find holy weak compared to disc but at the end of the day play what u are better at
05/05/2012 06:42 PMPosted by Bréna
its personal preference

Basically this. I prefer disc though, because smite spam is so much fun.
Both are viable, Barrier isn't really a necessity anymore with the 20% debuff in DS.

I find Holy to be a lot more enjoyable. In fact, I've played every healing class/spec and I'd say Holy is my favorite.
I love holy and hate disc - just depends on what you enjoy doing. If you like what you are doing you tend to perform better and strive harder to improve. I think holy is in a good place now compared to last expansion which adds to my enjoyment.

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