iMac Ram upgrade?

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I remember reading that for mac at least 2 gigs of ram is needed and 4 is recommended.
These are my imac specifications.

2 GHz Intel core Duo Processor
1 GB ram (DDR2)
Chipset Model ATI RadeonHD2400

Would buying an upgrade to ram be needed? and if it isn't needed, would it improve game play significantly enough to make it worth a 50-150& purchase?
I'm really not a computer person so sorry if this is a stupid question.
I just purchased 8gb of Mushkin made in USA Apple specific ram from newegg for less than $50. Highly recommended. I would put whatever your maximum amount is in (i.e. 4 or 8 for older macbooks). WoW is going to be 64-bit, so it'll use the extra ram. :)
Upgrading RAM is always worth it in terms of performance. You should see some improvements.
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I'm not big on boasting, but you might have to take a victory lap.
I am running a nice 16 gigs of ram in my system now.
Would it be more beneficial to have 4gb total of matched ram, or 6gb of unmatched? I have the same mac as the OP, but the maximum I can use is 6gb, but if 4gb matched is better than the 6 unmatched, I'd like to save the money. I've read things saying that matched is much better, but others saying that more is always better than less. Thanks!
I have never seen a real reason to match the ram. I normally buy from their memory has never once caused any errors in my mac.
matching the ram isn't to prevent errors, it's for max performance.

normally pays are matched in pairs though so 6 gigs shoudln't be unmatched really.

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