Alliance Guild:The Blighted Claw

Wyrmrest Accord
Demious stood in the dark corner of the slaughtered lamb, he thought to himself of recent events. Of how short sighted Tempus Nocturne's goals were. Why would one simply hide from society with no strive for power in defense? Demious stood up from his chair, Jarel Moor cleaning out a metal tankard that a dwarf earlier drooled on, "Leaving?" Demious nods, "Getting late." Jarel nods, "Watch out for the--." Demious hit the doorframe with a loud thud, Jarel sighs finally finishing his sentence. "Door." Demious rubbed his still aching face as he inhaled the night air, Demious recalled his time in the Hegemony, the emperor making him a high priest. Sacrificing people for power. what is needed for defense. "Though Frinovskii is my brother, his goals are short sighted. And giving leadership to his apprentice? Foolish." Demious walked a bit further forward before a familiar bark resounded in the air, Floppy rushing to Demious' side and licking at Demious' gloved hand. Demious knelt down and pet his hound, "Floppy, the time for change is upon us. No longer should we hide in the shadow, to quell society's oppressive nature, we must have power. We need Gorribal." Demious turned his hideous face towards the heavens, "Elune, I will defend myself like any animal will. However, such requires far more power. I will make certain, that those of similar minds will not be oppressed."

Demious grabbed the leash of his hound walking further down the cobblestone, he pulled his hood up as he walked, "I walk away from a life of hiding...into a life of power, a life to the oppressive nature of society." Demious promptly removed the glove on his right hand, and sent a spark of fel fire from his mouth onto the back of his hand, searing the rune on the back of his hand before promptly carving it off, then using fel energy to seal up the burn his teeth gritting with pain, "Forgive me brother, but I must ensure that we needn't hide. I must bring insurance to save us from the gallows." Demious walked into the cold breeze of the night.

The Blighted Claw
Is a group of individuals who seek to defend themselves from oppression with power, including powers one would normally avoid. Our ultimate goal is to seize the powers of the world, from Ley lines to the deadly blade wielded by Sargeras, known as Gorribal. Here is an event we will have in our storyline.

    The Official Opening Ceremony of the Blighted Claw

And we will have many regular events including:

    Necromancy 101 with Mortisum: Our High Necromancy will teach his acolytes how to do necromancy, being a seventh level necromancer.

    Mortal experimentation with Demious: Demious will allow experimentation on subjects caught by our Darkrunners

    Cannibalism: We have a dinner featuring catering by Mortisum


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