What class should I make?

I love druids however, my friend has a level 70ish druid. She has to set the payment for her account and has a lot going on right now in her life, so she can't do much...so since I want to wait for her so I can level with her...I need a good alternative.

I don't really have a feel or need to level anyone...I want to play...but I don't really feel what...maybe I need a little motivation, but I don't feel like playing by myself...

I am stuck between:


I love all them. I think I love a Hunter the most, then warlock, then Rogue, then Mage.

However...I even though I probably like Hunters 2nd best...I don't really feel a need to choose it over the Mage...I don't know kind of hard to describe...

What class should I level?

If you can give reasons too, that will be great :) They help motivate me.

I should also add, I gave an order of favorite..but those are who I most likely would choose first if I had too...how ever I do like them pretty much almost equally, like I love a warlock a lot...DoTs fear...and even the mage when it comes to the cool utility spells and freezing spells, and other things =P
don't play on her account, she'll take it back eventually and you'll lose ur hard work.
i don't care how much you trust her, some people are irrational especially during certain times of the month.
Make a level 1 of each Class. Level up each one to level 20 or 30 or so, then begin the process of asking yourself "Which classes do I enjoy playing?"

Hunters are known for being easy to level and pretty good for PvP in the low level battlegrounds. Once you hit the 80 mark, they become a bit weak. Mostly because every class has gotten their signature abilities and can now be able to kite, smash, and on rare occasions, Mind Control you off a cliff.

Warlocks are the anti-mage. Instead of burst damage right there on the spot, they're a fine wine. They take their time to age and build up damage. Roll Affliction and PvP. You'll see more people quit midgame. There are no downsides to locks (Besides the whole "you have a pet to microcontrol and debuffs to keep track off.)

Rogues are also known as "the beast pvp class evar". While this is somewhat false, there will be a noticeable difference between a good rogue and a bad rogue. The ability to let them choose fights and even retip the scales in their favor is priceless.They're probably one, if not THE, most complex classes in WoW. The only downsides are that you only have 1 AoE (ability that hits everyone in an area) and you git it at level 80. So if a group of monsters are on you and you're not combat (they have an ability that lets them hit an additional opponent), be prepared for possible resting or death.

Mages are infamous for their ability to steal your buffs, silence you for 5 seconds, escape roots with a spell that has a great CD, and make conjured food, so no more buying water or food at inns! They can also make portals, which other people pay for making a short trip to other cities. This can add up to a few extra gold (varies on server)and you can also get tips! The downsides to mage are despite all their neat ways of seeming powerful, their fragile. It's hard to claim you pwn when there's a bezerk melee class smashing your face in. Sometimes, its kill it before it comes near me.
Thank you for the advice, I am feeling a warlock more haha...Hunter too...but I think a warlock is good

I am not playing on her account. This is my account. I am waiting for her to level her own druid(in the 70s) to catch up to my druid, the one in my avatar, so we can quest together.

Haha, I have a tie between hunter and locks...but I think locks might be the best choice....

I should mention, I have a level 80Warlock, 50 Mage, and 50 Hunter all on different servers. The Rogue is on my main server...and is also level 50.

So it is hard to decide..I made the lock first by the way, not to intentionally level it up past those...just because I wanted to level a lock at the time.

So I don't think the "level to 30 and see what you like best" will really work...lol
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I am feeling a warlock more

So it looks like you have 5 more levels. Like Mages, Warlocks are required to bring out Healthstones.

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