6/8h 10m Exp. Retribution/Protection Paladin

Hello, I'm looking for a 10m raiding guild to join. I'm 6/8h, with near-kill attempts on Heroic Spine. I'm currently in the guild Pinnacle, however because of my work schedule change I can no longer raid with them.

I have an ilevel of 403 for Retribution, and a similar set for Protection. I plan on raiding main spec as Retribution. I have lost my interested in tanking for raids.

I'm a mature player (25 years old) that is looking for a solid raid group that is working or has cleared heroic content. My work schedule dictates that I either raid during the weekend (Friday/Saturday, Thursday and Sunday would depend on raid times) or during the week around 3pm or so server time.

If you would like to ask me any questions or would like to contact me, either post here or look for me in-game.


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