403 ilvl resto shaman lfg

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I'm looking for a 25 man guild that is at least 6/8h and raids on the weekdays between 7pm-12am central time. I am 7/8h but dont have spine down but have deep into the third plate numerous times. I was not there when they killed spine but we killed madness the following week. I am looking for a stable guild that does not allow trolling or jackassery and am not looking to join an elitist "we're better than everyone" type guild. I raid to have fun and enjoy seeing the content that blizzard puts out and to test myself against said content. I'm looking for a guild that is competent at raiding but does not view it as a job.
awesome resto i vouch for this guys skills
that is exactly the kind of environment we keep here. plz read a bit about us and add me on real id so we can chat.

Guild <One O One> is a 25man Alliance guild on server Stormscale (PvP).

#1 25 man Alliance raiding guild on the server.
We are 6/8 HM 25man DS, 3rd Plate on Spine.
We are 6/7 HM (7/7 Norm) Firelands.
We are 9/13HM Cataclysm bosses.
We are the 1st Alliance Guild to kill Al'akir 25man on the server.
We are Alliance 1st Ruby Sanctum (25); Server 3rd. RS 10HM Down.
We are 12/12 ICC 25 with 11/12 Hard modes (25).
Lich King HM down on 10-man.

Raid times:

5pm - 8pm PST which translates into 8pm - 11pm Eastern Time(EST)

Tuesday 5pm - 8pm PST
Wednesday 5 pm - 8pm PST
Thursday 5pm - 8pm PST

On Sundays we either run an a HM 10 man or an alt 10 man. It is not mandatory to attend the 10 man.

What we are looking for:

(These are just preferences. If you are not 1 of the classes listed below, don't be discouraged and please read on)

1 DPS - Mage/Boom/Shadowpriest/Hunter/Warrior/Lock/Rogue
(any class works really as long as its not foreign for u to rank on WOL)
1 Tank - Warrior
1 Healer - Resto Shammy

There aren't specific classes we are valuing above the rest. If you feel you're the type of player we want (description below), we encourage you to apply regardless of what class you are. Guild <One O One> does not recruit players for a "backup" or "bench" position. If you are recruited, you will be raiding.


We use the EPGP loot system that is fair to both the veteran players and the newcomers.


In a few words : This is a place for mature well-mannered people who look to enjoy raiding in a friendly environment. To be part of our guild you have to be a good player but even more so a good person.

<One O One>'s raiding atmosphere is rather well-collected and not the abrasive, vulgar type that is unfortunately common in many high-end guilds. We will not sugar coat things and pat you on the back if mistakes are made, but we also generally portray ourselves as if we're adults in public.

For the reason that a player's character/attitude is more important to us then their otherwise amazing skills we do not only rely on website applications but also hold interviews "in person" over Ventrilo or within game to have a better feel/understanding of who you are. You are welcome to add me on Real ID (a40691468@hotmail.com) or make a level 1 toon on Stormscale, Alliance side and ask for an officer in guild. There is always someone available for you to talk to. How to contact:


GM: Cayssaelea (Real ID a40691468@hotmail.com)
My alts are:
[ Prisonstylle, Moonria, Michaeljkson, Healasaures, Nepizdisuka, Bakdorampge, Wrapyortotem]

Here is a little bit about us. Please add me to RealId if you are interested in talking. Thanks :)

Team Elite of Galakrond is looking to recruit a skilled resto shaman for a core raid spot. We are a guild very dedicated to raiding and want players with the same mindset. Currently 6/8h DragonSoul.

Current needs:
Resto Shaman (100% attendance or very close to it)

We take raiding seriously but also have a laid back environment where we don't try to put people down or insult them. We believe strongly in working together to succeed

Raid Schedule:
Tues, Thur, Friday @ 830pm PST (1130 EST)

Contact Strixx, Alarris, Phrosen, Lysergia, or Lilnazty in game if you are interested. Thanks


Ty for the responses, you might be hearing from me in game
We are currently looking for skilled resto shaman. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Guild: Bravo Company
Server: Bonechewer
Progression: 6/8HM
Raid times: 8:15-11pm PST - Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed.


Our progression is currently 6/8 heroic DS with excellent progress on heroic Spine. Our goal is to defeat the remaining two heroic bosses in the next several weeks. Several of our members enjoy PVP and doing achievements outside of raids.

One of the most difficult aspects of our guild to "advertise" is our atmosphere. We have been raiding together for almost 5 years and over this time have always managed to make solid progression while still having a good time. There is no vent raging and although we take progression seriously, having fun is a strong factor in our guild.

Just about everyone here is either in their twenties or thirties and all members treat each other with respect. We can offer a home where you'll have fun and make steady progression. I am available to talk if you would like to know more about our guild. You can reach me or another officer in game on Bonechewer. Good luck in your guild search. :)

In game contacts:

Terroarr (suusuu66@gmail.com)
we have 0.8% left on madness ad we're don. this after one night. so we'll be 8/8 sunday for sure. need a full-time resto shaman. Info below.

TL;DR: Colossus 25man Alliance guild on med-pop PvE realm. CST Timezone. 13 raidhours/week ending before 12am EST or 11pm CST or 10pm MST or 9pm PST.

server: Greymane, PVE, Central Time Zone. 13 raidhours/week.
raid nights:

Wednesday 8pm-11pm CST
Thursday 8pm-11pm CST
Sunday 7pm-11pm
Monday 8pm-11pm

Current 25man Cataclysm Progression

t13 - 8/8 normal 7/8 heroic.


Extended version:

Greetings! If you are looking to experiencing deep endgame content in Cataclysm, Colossus may be the guild for you! We are currently N 8/8 and H 7/8 in Tier 13.

Above all, we expect applicants to be mature, available for AT LEAST 75% of raid nights and to be excellent at their class. For tanks, we would ask that you be available for the bulk of raids (90%). ----- ABOUT US -----
Guild is together since early Tier 4 under mostly same leadership. Accomplihed 4/6 sunwell pre-nrf, 6/6 pre-wolk, Bane in WolK and both meta drakes in ICC within relevant time.

We raid for up to 13 hours a week on current content. In order to keep up with current content we demand a lot of our raiding members, we expect members to be online and ready to go 15min before raid start and for you to pay attention and learn from mistakes and not make the same mistakes twice. What differentiates us from other guilds is that we strive to be efficient at clearing content to maximize the time we can spend on 'Hard Modes' and new bosses per week.

We plan to be actively working on hard modes as soon as normals are cleared. If this isn't your goal, Colossus is probably not the place for you. If it is, and you know your stuff, come and fill out an app at the site. ----- WHAT WE LOOK FOR -----

We would like players to have at least item-level 360, but to have knowledge of all fights in current content. In addition to attendance, knowledge of class, and personality, during our trial period we watch for:

1) Do you die stupidly (why is this fire under my feet...ouch it burns)?
2) Do you follow instructions (did they say I shouldn't stand in this fire)?
3) Do you keep making the same mistake (hmm...this patch of fire looks familiar)?
4) Are you more worried about gear than the guild's progression (I bet if I had that fist weapon off KT this fire wouldn't burn so bad)?
5) Do you show up for raids (meh, do I really feel like standing in fire tonight)?

----- HOW TO APPLY -----

So you happen to be one of these classes and you're thinking to yourself "hey, my gear is pretty darn good and I don't stand in fires or afk during trash and I could make that schedule almost all the time"…well that's great! Please create a post at http://www.colossalguild.net. Click "Apply" in the recruitment box in the upper left and fill out the application completely. Don't be surprised if your post disappears; we 'move' it into a private section to discuss applications. It may take up to a week to hear a response while we consider your application.

IMPORTANT: Take time to write a good application. The officers are, by and large, business professionals, so not using periods between sentences and abbreviating everything isn't the way to go.

Feel free to ask Raynge, Aninn, Sharadah, Abefroman, Ava, Rock, Spikemage or myself when we aren't raiding if you have any questions. If you do not see one of the above people on feel free to ask a member if they are hiding on an alt somewhere, it is very possible. ALSO IMPORTANT: Stay in touch with us. your forum topic will receive replies and we'd prefer to communicate through forums rather than tracking each-other down through level 1 alts.

Officer REALID (two different people. whichever's online can help you):

Hey there!
Icon is looking to add a solid resto shaman to our roster! Esp if you have a strong DPS offspec =)

7/8H 25m raiding
630-930pm PST/Server time (830-1130pm CST)

If you're interested, check us out at iconhorde.guildomatic.com or you can add me to real ID

Hope to hear from you soon!
Dawn of the Dead | http://www.dotd.org

Horde | Server: Zul'jin (PVE) | Timezone: EST

Current Progression: 7/8H DS | 7/7 Heroic T12 | 9/13 Heroic T11 |

We are a 25 man guild, and focus on 25 man raids. We have been raiding since release as a max raid size guild, and will continue to do so.
Raid Times: Our schedule is Sunday-Wednesday 7:15-11:00EST. It is adjusted to meet the current content.

We are a small guild, and we expect high attendance. As such, we recruit people to raid, and desire people who can step in and contribute immediately. We don’t recruit people to sit around, so all spots are for raiders who can expect to be in most every raid.

At this time our needs are for 3 Ranged DPS (1 Moonkin and 2 Mage/Lock/Moonkin/SP/Ele/Hunter) 1 Melee (Rogue - we have nobody on the Legendary quest), and 1 Healer (Shaman). Well geared applicants of other classes will be considered as well.

Feel free to add me on REAL ID williampdennis@gmail.com or Thark@dotd.org. We look forward to hearing from you!
Sent you an in-game mail.
<Blasting off Again>

25man 6/8HM Late Night PST Guild. Solid Progression on Spine. (3rd Plate 2nd lift every attempt)
Solid group of people who enjoy vulgarity and everything in between. we all enjoy long walks on the beach and doing lines of !Co-Caine! off each others bodies. (Example) We all give 110% percent when its raid time! while managing to have fun.
Have solid attendance we do count on every raider to be available every raid night but we do understand things come up.
Give you're all during raid bare minimum will not be accepted here.

Monday - Thursday 10PM-1AM PST.

<Needs/Core Spots>
Arcane/Fire Mage. (Immediate Need)
Balance Druid, Restoration Druid.
Frost/Unholy Death Knight(Immediate Need)
Discipline Priest.
Elemental, Enhancement, Restoration Shaman
Survival Hunter.
FAIR! Loot Council.

<Contact us / Apply!>
RealID: Davie.Chavez@yahoo.com / Spyware.doc@gmail.com
Site: BlastingoFFAGain.net
<Vs The Universe> HM 10 Man Guild.
- We're a newly transferred guild there and we want to progress past 5/8 HM.
- The top Horde on the server is 5/8 HM also and we seek to be the BEST!
- The Alliance just hit 8/8 HM this past week. Server 1st could easily be achieved with the right group of players.

Current Progression:
5/8 Heroic Dragon Soul
6/7 Heroic Firelands

Raid Times:
6:30-10:00 server (Central), Tues & Weds. We will be going back to a 3 night a week schedule in Mists (Tues/Weds/Thurs)

Real id - Mikethepineapple@yahoo.com / Request me and please put a reason.

Hit me up, we're looking for a skilled resto shaman to go with us into MoP. Currently farming DS heroic 25 man.

<Shadows and Dust> of Mal'Ganis was founded in April of 2007 on Ravenholdt-US, and has had a strong history of 25 man raiding, consistently being the most successful raiding guild on Ravenholdt. Due to a lack of skilled players and a very low server population we have transferred to Mal'Ganis. As a member of <Shadows and Dust> you are required to keep up to date on all things which may affect how your class/spec operates in a PvE environment.

ACHIEVEMENTS - (On Ravenholdt of course)

Realm First clear of Sunwell
Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxramas
Realm First! Magic Seeker
Realm First! Death's Demise
Realm First! Celestial Defender
Realm First! Grand Crusader
Realm First! Al'Akir
Realm First! Nefarian
Realm First! Sinestra
Realm First! Ragnaros


8/8 25 man heroic DS

6/7 in 25 man H-Firelands.
7/7 in 10 man H-Firelands
10/25/11 completed Glory of the Firelands Raider


Always looking for exceptional players!!!!

DPS - Closed

Tank - Death Knight, Warrior

Heals - Shaman, Paladin

-For the specs/classes we are not currently recruiting; although you may not be on our most desired list, anyone that shows they have intelligence and ability will be considered.


Tuesday - Thursday: EST 8-11:30 (PST 5-8:30; MST 6-9:30; and CST/Server 7-10:30)

Optional PvP: Friday & Sunday RBGs from 8pm+
Optional Drunk Raid™: Saturday from 8pm-12

Before applying, we recommend that you read the following link:

If you feel that you possess the knowledge and the ability to play your class to the standards of progression hard mode content, applications are accepted at:


What we expect

- Exceptional attendance (90% or better)
- Low maintenance – (i.e., don’t cause drama, do your own research, come prepared to raids, etc.)
- Knowledge of your class and spec needed to perform well in current content while also being aware of and capable of functioning in a progression situation (if applying as a hybrid class, you will be required to be proficient at your 2nd role.)
- Thick skin – we’re mostly adults in SnD, and although we’re a pretty friendly bunch we do joke around a bit. If you’re easily offended, you may not fit in well with us.
- Responsibility – you need to be able to be held accountable for your own actions and capable of taking criticism, even if it sounds harsh.

With all that being said we want long term, dedicated raiders who are motivated to succeed on their own and have the ability/drive to learn. Our goal is to have fun in a serious raid environment, so if strong focus, great accomplishment, personal growth, and loyalty appeal to you, then <Shadows and Dust> would be a good fit for you.

What you can expect

- A fun, successful raiding environment that is also comparatively laid-back for most progression guilds.
- A fair loot distribution policy – our goal is for each player to care more about guild improvement as a whole over individual gains.
- A drama-free environment .
- Attentive, fair, and helpful leadership.

Questions: Any further questions regarding the application process should be directed towards Mellenis or Psychiatree in game.

Mellenis Real ID - jay_lutz24@hotmail.com
Psychiatree Real ID - secondarydominance@yahoo.com
First of all we raid earlier than most guilds so if you have a unique schedule we may be perfect for you. Also we are one of the few guilds out there that does not have attendance issues, we have never called a raid before and never will.

<INVICTUS> is a 25 man raiding guild and is currently seeking a few good raiders to fill out our roster. We are 8/13 heroic T11 (pre 4.2), 6/7 Heroic Firelands and 6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul. The main focus of our guild is to provide a fun, stable, mature, environment to raid where people take responsibility for their own actions and have a good time while slaying dragons. Our raid times are:

Tues and Thur 5pm-9pm EST

As always exceptional players are always welcome to apply.

We are all 21+ with real lives, jobs, wives/girlfriends that understand that there is life outside of wow but also want to progress without an extreme raiding schedule. We have no drama and have a zero tolerance policy for anyone with a huge ego, drama queen, etc. We strive to be one of the top guilds and achieve great results with a more casual raid schedule of 2 days a week and provide our raiders with free guild repairs, enchants and flasks.

Our raid enviroment is pretty laid back, we like to joke around and have fun as that's why we play the game, yet we still push progression and aim to clear content quickly. We are also EXTREMELY social and active, most of of members hang out on vent though out the day. We also have at least 2 alt firelands and run everysingle raid in the game at least 1 time each week. The majority of our members play to play so finding things to do on non raid days is very easy.

We also don't believe in the whole yelling and screaming type raid environment, if you are not performing or are standing in fire repeatedly we will ask you politely to sit out for that fight. If it continues to be an ongoing problem in the future you will not be invited. We expect that you will take responsibility for your own actions and understand if you are sat for a fight it was because you messed up, not because we hate you. Our loot is distributed via loot council, if an item drops that you want you link what you are currently using, how many pieces of that tier of non boe/rep gear you have and if that item is bis to ensure fair loot distribution.

If you are interested in applying please contact myself , gnast or aduys in game or feel free to add me on real id.


Lastly we are LBGT friendly, and I can guarantee that you will have more fun here than any other guild that exists.
add me to real id stephen.barron84gmail.com
<Red Dragon Society> is a late night guild recruiting for 25m progression! We are a home for serious players who can't make common raid times and still wish to progress through end game content. We're definitely looking for players who want to have a stable environment come the expansion.

Server: Bonechewer - Pacific Standard Time - PVP
Schedule: Monday - Thursday 10:15 pm-1:30 am pst
Guild Created: November 2008
Progression: 7/8H Dragon Soul


RDS strives to maintain a professional and friendly environment that encourages teamwork and enjoyable progression. Regardless of skill, a player with a bad attitude is a negative influence. As such, we will not tolerate players who are disrespectful of others, hostile, or extremely negative. You may be the most skilled player in WoW, but if you are a jerk, don’t apply.

Some players take it upon themselves to police other players and belittle them. Such policing and chastisement is the job of the officers and RDS believes most policing is best done with whispers and conversation not yelling and name-calling. As such, if you think there is a problem, bring it to an officer’s attention. In addition, we run RDS for ALL the members of RDS not for just you. So if you are planning to put your in game needs over the guild's needs, look elsewhere.


Regular and on-time attendance is important for all raiders. However, in order to be considered for Senior Raider status you must be online and available for at least 3 of our 4 primary raid nights.

We realize that occasionally real life issues may prevent you from attending. In those cases it is required that Senior Raiders notify the guild by posting on the forums or contacting an officer. Failure to be reliable is grounds for demotion.

Raid Preparation:

All Raiders should be fully prepared for a raid encounter. This includes but not limited to having extra flasks, potions, food, researching the encounter, etc... We do provide flasks for the guild and food buffs. However if you miss them you are required to have your own and be fully prepared.

We fully understand that some new recruits will never have done the encounter before. We will post all the details on the fight on our forums so it is your responsibility to review them. If you do not understand something please feel free to ask any member in the guild. No question is a stupid one even if you think it is. We would prefer you asking a million questions over getting the raid killed because you don't understand something.

Loot Distribution: EPGP

We use a loot distribution system called EPGP (Effort Points/Gear Points). We feel it is the best loot distribution system developed so far in terms of fairness. More information on the system, as well as our implementation of it can be found in the forums. Although not required, the EPGP add-on is recommended. EPGP Guidelines

Gear Requirement: 395+ ilvl

We're always looking for skilled players regardless of the ilvl. However we are looking for players to help us progress with.

Class Needs:

Disc or Holy Priest
Resto Shaman
Resto Druid
Holy Paladin

Unholy DK
Shadow Priest
Elem or Enh Shaman

*Note* We're always looking for players with high experience and skill. So even if your class isn't listed please feel free to apply and we'll for sure let you know.

Please apply at our website or contact any officer on the server Bonechewer.
Zofu, Bantam, Suntrapper, Hybrd, Prophet, Lieluu, Reborn, or Rackurzee.
You may also contact me via real id zofu316@gmail.com or Bantam at hollon81@yahoo.com
*Who are we?

We are: <Nothing is Eternal> Korgath-Horde , a 25 man guild that has a tenacious foundation of players that have remained strong through years of progression.

We are 6/8 HM in 25 man guild that takes raiding seriously but in a laid back, outgoing environment.

We are cool, calm, and collected and believe that screaming at people out of frustration or anger in raid only causes people to perform worse.

In order to maximize our progression we provide the flasks, enchants for core raiders, and feasts. We ask that you bring pots and positive attitudes so that we can succeed as a whole.

*Who are you?

You are a strong player seeking a fun and positive environment with like-minded players to accomplish progression for the remainder of this content, into Mists, and beyond. We are searching for players that are at least 4/8 hm and 395+ eilvl.


*Still interested?

Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:45 PM – 10:15 PM PST.

If this suits you either app at http://nothingiseternal.guildomatic.com/guild_application/apply
or feel free to contact any of us in game and add us on real id to discuss possibilities.
Icewing – GM (Nelsen.Salling@live.com)
Stormshade – Raid Lead (Dameons_home@yahoo.com)
Laced – Officer (wow.laced@gmail.com)Visit our website for more details!

We appreciate your time ^^
<The HordeHound Gang>

A Horde Guild with 8/8 Heroic DS and server first Heroic Deathwing on Dentarg and realm first achievements is now opening recruitment to solidify and enhance our our 10 Man Raiding Group and various raiding groups for Mists of Pandaria.

Our guild is focused on progression and building solid raid teams with mature members who are interested in hardcore raiding. We are currently 8/8H 10m with Server first Heroic Spine and Heroic Madness. We are currently focusing on farming Heroic DS, and getting in new players for upcoming expansion –Mists of Pandaria-. The guild has risen very quickly being only 14 months old so we need more members from all classes. We have multiple 10m raid teams both hardcore and casual, all working on DS Heroics.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for raiders that strive to down Bosses and do what they can to make it possible.

Players that are proficient in their class and that are open to learning from more experienced players, ability to learn quickly and to follow instruction well from raid leaders on strategies and specific Raid Boss Assignments.

A Mature Environment is Key. We do not want anyone blaming someone else for wipes or problems. Rage Quitters, Vent Screaming and any other related behavior will be dealt with accordingly by HHG. The raid leader’s job is exactly that and you have to trust they will solve any problem that may arise for the group.

Currently accepting Dragon Soul ready and seasoned raiders.

We are looking for knowledgeable players in the following classes for Group 1:
Restoration Shaman
Protection Warrior
Protection Paladin

Exceptional players are always welcome to apply as well.

We have excellent raid leading and strategy assessment from very experiences players and raiders, currently raiding three days out of the week.

-Group 1-
Wednesday 9 pm Eastern
Friday 9:30 pm Eastern
Sunday 9 pm Eastern

-Group 1 Alts-
Thursday 9 pm Eastern

We have 5 other 10man teams that clear DS weekly that raid at various times including weekdays, late at night and weekends.

Please fill out an application, and paste it under recruitment.

If you do not meet the requirements or class of Group 1, there are other teams that may need you, so if you're interested please message me in game Glùe@usdentarg, realid nv.f4m3@gmail.com, or go to are webpage http://thehordehoundgang.enjin.com/forum.

You can also contact Boomcraggle, Pepep or Venôm in game @ Dentarg-US for recruitment, questions and general information about the guild.

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