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Aerie Peak
Clever Meme Reference, a two day weekend raid guild, a Gaming Community are preparing to build a strong foundation in order to prepare for MoP. Our intention is to be a competitive high end guild that can push content while maintaining a more relaxed 7 hour raid schedule. However, in order for us to do that we need more like minded, skilled players willing to do what it takes to create such a guild. Players like you.

About us:

- 2 Raid days on PST evenings (Sat and Sun). 6pm-10pm PST Saturday, 6-9PM Sunday.

- Leadership has experience ranging from Vanilla Naxx to KJ in Sunwell, in addition to WoLK Hard Modes

- Completely fair and unbiased Loot Council system who values the success of the guild more than any one player, themselves especially.

We want:

- Intelligent free-thinkers who can rationalize their gear/gem/spec decisions, and who possess the necessary skills needed to succeed in high end raid content.

- Players who understand the goal of Team Video Games and are willing to put the team before themselves.

- Loyal, dedicated, progression mined players who are looking for a permanent home for Cataclysm and beyond.

- People with the drive to push themselves to the max every raid and thrive in a highly competitive raid environment.

We don't want:

- The weak-hearted. Individuals who can not accept criticism, and whose egos make them completely incapable of being wrong, even when they are. Especially when they are.

- People who can't avoid Malleable Goo, Slime Sprays, and defiles, and other such "don't stand in me" stuff. The kinds of players who always die to the same boss fight mechanics, over and over and over and over...

- Players who only log on on farm nights and then have something "come up" IRL on progression.

- People who aren't in it for the long haul (Mists and beyond)

- People who can't speak, type, or understand the English language at a basic level.

What we'll give you:

- A stable, long term guild environment. Our core have been together for over 2 years; through the ups and downs, good and bad we remained tight knit.

- A highly experienced leadership core who have run the gamut of high end raiding from Vanilla, to BC, to now.

- A place to get in and not be just another warm body to fill the raid. You can get in on the ground floor and help to establish a dominant force for the rest of Cata and throughout Mist.

-PvE and PvP domination is our goal, success in all aspects of gameplay. If that is what you are after, and you work with us, we can give that to you.

We are openly recruiting any and all skilled players who are looking for a home so that they can establish themselves for Mist of Panderia and be a part of something great.

Experience is excellent, but we won't hold it against you for lack thereof. What we want, what we value, is skill, loyalty, and dedication. The skill to go cutting edge, loyalty to the guild above all, and the dedication to remain steadfast now till the end are what's most important to us. Everything else will fall into place. Please visit our website for more detailed recruiting.

If you are interested and would like to contact us, visit our website: WWW.CMR-GUILD.COM or see Klowded, Cutiepiee, Lauxx, Syfis, or Trucïus in game for more info. If none of us are on please whisper anyone in the guild and they should have a way to get us online.
You can also add me on Realid : Branndontawney@yahoo.com
Still Looking!
High demand for resto druids and ranged dps!
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Look no further lol.
ilvl 401 Survival Hunter 6/8 H LF Raiding Grp

Send me an in-game mail with more details on if i make the cut or not.
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ur nothing without monz

Says the mysterious lvl 1 hunter from KT I can only assume is Dravend. =p
wtb warlocks
LF Strong DPS

If you feel you can bring top level damage, and embarrass the regulars here, please put an application up.
too easy......
Saturdays and Sundays /ouch
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