So in MoP Paladin's get Blinding Light....

Shut up PvP guy.
05/07/2012 01:39 PMPosted by Friendabull
Add-heavy raid encounters are going to love this spell. 6 seconds can mean a LOT in raid time. This isn't a minor stun we're talking here, like Glyph of Holy Wrath on live. 6 seconds is the same duration of Hammer of Justice. And Repentence. And now Blinding Light. The nice thing about Blinding Light is that it's not target sensitive. It just hits everywhere around you, no matter what. The only REAL down side is that it's a disorient effect that would probably be removed by any damage. And the cooldown might be a bit lengthy.

I can agree that add heavy Raids MAY find a use for this spell... however as you also said the Cool Down is 3 minutes, the range is only 10 yards and it costs 23.4% base mana.. which is a fairly high mana cost..

Aside from Warlocks, its the most mana heavy lvl 87 skill, but then agian Locks can cast their one before a fight and regen the mana back before the fight starts..

Mana cost does NOT matter to Ret paladins anymore come MoP, UNLESS they are going to be casting Flash of Light (which will be their only healing spell, Holy Light and Divine Light are going Holy only). Our mana regen in MoP will be fast enough and our DPS spells are cost effective enough to make mana costs not matter unless you're spamming heals. Holy Power is our real resource now, not mana.

Anything further than 10 yards would be highly OP, but I do agree the cool down could be reworked.
As Prot, this will actually be decent *shakes fist at Tauren*, though I agree that a 3 minute cool down seems a bit steep, at least from a PvE standpoint.

As anything else...yeah, I could see feeling a little bit cheated...
I cant wait for blinding light gonna be so clutch
05/07/2012 08:45 PMPosted by Vanderhiem
Shut up PvE guy.


05/07/2012 09:30 PMPosted by Kaitelynn
Shut up PvP guy.

If only that were a guild as well.
The whole new talent tree set up is garbage i miss the 71 talent "tree"
y u so mad >:(
05/07/2012 02:21 AMPosted by Papiwar
Same with pvp gear, next season comes and you have to get a whole new set of gear. So yeah there goes your argument.

your forgot to mention the same what 6 maybe 7 places you can do bgs at...

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