Good TransMog Shield for D2 set?

Kind of a fluffy post I know, but here goes:

I primarily use the complete D2 Warrior Set (Heroism) to transmog my Tauren's gear, and the Onyxia Scale Cloak for the back, but I can't find a good shield to match.

The Heroism Set has a nice bluish-silver base with rich gold bevels on it, so I'd like to find a good Golden shield that has a similar rich look to it. Most Wrath/Cata Shields have a very somber earthy quality to them, so looking for something more bright and rich like the armor set.

Any ideas? Don't care about original source, I'm just going for a matching look (preferably something soloable if possible, if not that's fine too)

I have Quel'Serrar for Transmog Swords, but also looking for a good 1H Mace Transmog that matches above, right now just using a Goblin Nutcracker, so if any suggestions for that (outside of the outrageous like Sulfuras) would be much appreciated.
Draconian Deflector.
Adding a vote for Draconian Deflector. I also have the heroism set that I use for transmogging my tank gear. It looks pretty awesome with a Draconian Deflector and the 1h GM sword.
I myself use Royal Crest of Lordaeron for the Heroism set, and I must say that I've yet to be disappointed

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