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Does any one know how to enable games to use multiple displays to expand your display across all three monitors?

I am able to use my center for gaming while my other two are for windows and general use.

I would like to expand the game screen on all three monitors
This video may help:
That is not helpful at all.
I use Nvidia single 570 not ati.

I was able to extend my monitor but I have no option to extend games.


I have a bad news for you. nVidia does not support 3-monitor surround gaming on a single card. This is supported only on Kepler cards.
Thats probably why I cant extend my screen in game.

thats alright I'll just replace my 570 1280mb with a 680 or buy a second 570 and upgrade my motherboard for sli.

Current motherboard is p67 sabertooth but my gpu over laps the other pci express slot.

3slot gpu ftl :(
Actually this is possible with an Nvidia single card. I'm using 3 monitors right now and wow recognizes it.

Download the latest Nvidia drivers from there website. Then simply open your Nvidia control panel. Then on the left hand side click "Configure Surround, PhysX"

Then check off the box that says "Span displays with Surround" Then click the Configure... button and tweak it how you wish. Windows should now show a much larger resolution setting and treat the 3 monitors as if they were 1 long widescreen.

Once that is complete, wow will just automatically be set and work with all 3 screens.
Yes nvidia will now work, but i'd use 2 cards with xfire technology or sli ( nvidia) make sure everything is supported!!!

Atm i am using 2 Asus Radeon 7790 cards with xfire. Now, i am only using the one cause i came across a bsod error ( :P) Have 3 monitors and one card. Works fine. You will have to turn your graphics down a bit pending on the card and setting you have. The 2nd card definitely helps though!!!

This guy explains it perfectly. Worked for me anyway. Cheers!!!

P.S Can play simcity fine and extend the desktops but not wow....

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