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IMO, H Hagara is much easier than H Zonozz.. Zonozz all things can go to hell is p2 if healers are not careful..

Planning wise, hagara is easier to plan than zonozz...

This. Hagara is so much easier on 10 man, especially with this debuff, there's literally no way you can die unless you take 10+ Ice Lances to the face, or 3-6 and a Shattered Ice. Even at 5% Hagara was pretty easy on 10, shrug.
Hags is all about understanding and executing the phases.
If people zone out and let others take 12 stacks, or stand in front and eat a shattered ice (with some stacks) then you will have a hard time with lightning.
Though, with the nerfs, you can have 2 teams of two run the entire chain by just healing through it.

Zon is also a learning curve, but a much easier one. I think as the nerfs got bigger Zon got easier, while Hags still needs to be done just right (with some wiggle room).
Though I missed any form of progressing during the 10% nerfs, when we came back and started the 15%, I was surprised how much of a joke we found zonozz and blackhorn. The same, however, wasn't able to be said for hagara. In our group our heals are probably the strongest role we bring. I suggest if you have good heals, to stick with zonozz and then hagara. Hagara still requires awareness from everyone IMO (relative to those two fights) since 6 stacks of ice + a shattered ice = about a 160k hit without a CD. But, if you can convince your tanks to understand how the shattered ice mechanic works (or if ya just have good soakers), then this fight is down there with zonozz and blackhorn as lightning even in 10 is a joke now (tip - dont send all 8 to connect things) and ice has always been easy.
Most top end guilds 10 or 25 wipe on zonz fairly often and will 1 shot spine and madness.

Last week we got 2 claws in the first black phase as a 10m lol, we broke wow.

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