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I don't want to sound like a noob or anything, but in Arenas players move with easy and not spinning the screen all over the place. I hold down both buttons, but I can't strafe properly or how the great players do it, when they move easily.
Maybe your mouse sensitively is too high?
Holding down both buttons isn't how you strafe, that just makes you move forward. Right mouse button + Q/E.
So while casting with my keybinds, I'm also focusing on strafing?
Strafe with your mouse and bind q and e
05/05/2012 09:08 PMPosted by Ropfel
So while casting with my keybinds, I'm also focusing on strafing?

I use both my mouse and A/D (My keybound strafing buttons) to circle enemies while using the rest of the buttons nearby + modifiers to use abilities.
How do you strafe with the mouse?
If you have wasd as your default movement keys hold right click while pressing any direction

well not just wasd, just any movement keys bound
I think everyone here is talking about circle strafing when they say strafing. There's no point in side-to-side strafing besides for the flavour aspect of it.

Also, I have mega ADHD and can't use Shadow Dance->Spambush without rapidly tapping strafe left/strafe right.
Well thank you for much need input1

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bind strafe to a and d instead of q and e
Hold right mouse down
i also hate to admit to just switching to mouse turning, I did just fine with keyboard turning for over 4 year, lol. I did, wreckingball several times with different toons, with no dedicated/ pocket healer.but when i got in to really using lots of movement, i got in to trouble, because the key or the the toon got stuck heading in one direction and i couldnt stop it, and i want to get serious in arena now, so i needed to make the switch, and its been hell, lol.

i refuse to use keybinds for movement, i want to make all movements with the mouse, ie, right hand, so left hand is free to use all but a few self buffs. So far i am using buttons 1 and 2 for strafing on the nagta epic mouise, it seems to work well outside of combat, goes to !@#$ in combat, lol.
I would like suggestions on this, like, what mouse would be better for this, right now i am looking at the naga hex (i believe) the one with about six mechanical buttons on the thumb side, with a thumb rest in the middle, those bottons look easier to reach and not mistaken.
I was using the the WoW, mouse but it is very glitchy, buttons go out of wack often, and software has to be deleted and redownloaded.
I am mid a full internet research on this (lol), but have not found something that would give me what i want.
The !@#$ is wrong with you? This was from 7 months ago.

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