Best Alliance PvP Server/Battlegroup

I am faction transferring over to Alliance, and need a competitive pvp server to go to, also battegroups that are competitive for pvp as well. Ive heard many great things about KT, Tich, Darkspear but I'm thinking it will be too laggy and long ques when MoP hits.

I am looking for top servers for Alliance PvP that are active such has RBGs, World PvP, arenas, active dueling outside SW. Please post any realms or battlegroups that you think will fit me best in terms of competitiveness. Thanks!
Come to Kel'thuzad best alliance pvp server.... or there is Tich
Tich or KT.

Sargeras is full of trolls/idiots, youll smash your screen on day 1.

Never heard of Darkspear being in the top alliacne pvp realms.

Shocking that the person who said darkspear in from sargeras (see comment 2)
Best Alliance pvp servers are KT, Tich, Darkspear and Sargeras ( I decided not to go to the first two for the same concerns.
Darkspear would have been a good choice... I transferred here from Mannoroth a few months back & overall I like it. It has a lot of PvP action & not as many douchebags as some of the other PvP servers.
Ya, I figured those were the top servers, but what about when MoP comes out, will the ques be retarded + the lag?
I prefer Bleeding Hollow to any of those 4. KT would be the one I'd def avoid. No community, no World PvP at all, and Trade is unbearable. Its basically just a forum for Xrealm players on Lvl 1 alts.

Tich is kinda small and has no world pvp.

Dunno about the other 2, maybe I ruled em out b/c of west coast location.

BH is a top 10 pop server that's A/H balanced and has tons of World PvP. Theres a few RBG guilds but when u want to play immeidatly u hop on ur lvl 1 alt and hit KT for a pug.
Yes but Tich and Kel'Thuzad are good ally PvP servers because its like 10 allys for every horde. which server has a balanced population but actual good Ally PvPer's? I would like to know cause Sargeras is filled with immature high schoolers, trolls, douches, and every other type of runescape player.
Awww, cmon no one can give me a suggestion? Im looking for a balanced PvP server, i dont wana own horde just for the fact that we outnumber them.
I've heard Kil'jaeden is the best alliance pvp server for world pvp.
I've heard rumblings about cross realm world pvp. Perhaps that will help address the issue of pop imbalances and the dearth of good world pvp on most servers. But idk the details.
05/30/2012 03:53 AMPosted by Cothelas
which server has a balanced population but actual good Ally PvPer's?

Emerald Dream. There is world pvp every single day & attacks on both horde & alliance major cities every single day. This is the only server Ive noticed with a balanced population where both sides are about equal.
I'm looking for the same thing myself atm. Have tried Darkspear so far, Is def very active lots of duelling, seen a little world pvp (though I just created a noob toon to look around). it's also full of lots of ppl constantly asking where Swifty is lol. So if you can put up with that it's prob a decent realm :)
Im on bh and its dead around certain times, bh will win a large majority of bgs i guess thats good but they trool sauce too. If anyone can recommend a pvp server with people still queing arenas and rbgs that would be sweet
06/01/2012 07:12 PMPosted by Demigodd
I've heard rumblings about cross realm world pvp.

idk about cross realm WORLD pvp, but definitely cross realm bg's / arenas / dungeons. havent you ever seen someone who had a (*) after their name? that means theyre foreign to your realm.

if there was cross realm world pvp, then there would be no need for a realmlist because you would be able to see any and every player if you two went to the same spot. that would spark lag out the whazoo. (never actually used that word lololol)
Go to KT.

Darkspear's Battlegroup is... well lets just say
*5% good players, 45% average players, 50% !@#$ing bads*
Go to KT.

Darkspear's Battlegroup is... well lets just say
*5% good players, 45% average players, 50% !@#$ing bads*

It is NO better here, trust me.
I like sargeras alot even though i havent played it hard in about 2 months, no world pvp though but whatever you do dont go to emerald dream, the horde !#!@ theres a guild called warsong battalion that have 1000 members and we never win tol barad, and by far the worst troll server ever, at 2:00 youll see questions like which hand does zelda hold his sword and of course thunderfury, only good thing about emerald dream is the world pvp there very big into that and the battlegroup kinda sucks for alliance atm it should get way better when mop comes out but if i had to choose any id chose sargeras

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