DE firelands faction capes profit?

I was wondering if your still able to do this? I understand it varies from realm to realm, as each realm as a different economy.

Had anyone made a decent sum of gold DE those capes and selling the mae crystals on the AH. You can also shatter it to make 2 heavenly shards, if the cost of shards are above 50% of that of ma crystals it might be worthwhile.

Lets put these factors in, I'm bad at math. Lets assume you have the level 23 guild proc bountiful bags.

What is floor price if your friendly?
What about honored?
What about revered?
What about exalted?

On my server average price for mae crystals average between 150g-175g. Sometimes 180-200g the supply side is low. I have a priest healer that's an enchanter and consider farming FLs rep on a weekly basis if this is possible.

Also running HoT for crystals is a 20% chance if nobody needs loot, and everyone hits the DE key. JC shuffle produces alot of dust, essence, and small heavenly shards which can be combined to make a heavenly shard, but no direct way to getting crystals.

Other option is spent 700 HP/JPs to get wands/relics and DE them, not the most efficient use of that currency.
bountiful bags is what? 15%?

so is: (cloak price) x 1.15 > maelstrom price

exaulted price is 175g x 1.15 = 201.25g per

so if maelstroms are less than 201.25g then its worth it, but you should keep in mind that this is an average.

if you already had the rep and wanted the crystals to supply your mass enchanting scroll business it would maybe be worth it but i would say definitely not worth it if you are having to out of your way to farm the rep, just buy the crystals.
At certain times of the week people are dumping maestroms for 140g and under on my server...I buy them all up, but big scrolls using maestroms have slowed a bit :( Still make profit, just slower.
Exalted price on the cloak is 200g. Bountiful bags gives you more crystals per cloak not more cloaks per crystal -.-

So your floor price is 200g / 1.15 = about 174g per crystal.
Exalted price + guild discount = .7 * 250 = 175g/cloak, / 1.15 ~ 152g/crystal, scant more. If maelstroms are selling for less than that don't bother.
Well, the OP said guild level 23. Bartering is level 24. But yes, that is the lowest you could get them for.
If you have extra justice points to blow, you can buy relics for 700 JP and disenchant those for crystals too.

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