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I have the pass and I don't have beta access either.
Signed up April 30th, still waiting on that beta access. To be clear, the PTR and Beta clients are NOT the same thing right?
05/08/2012 05:03 PMPosted by Xach
Signed up April 30th, still waiting on that beta access. To be clear, the PTR and Beta clients are NOT the same thing right?

Correct, they are 2 different things.
been about 24 hours since this post and still no blizzard?
I signed up on April 24th and still nothing :(
I signed up on April 27th and haven't gotten an invite yet.
I think once the few hundred thousand invites in front of me are sent, I'll be next in line to get an email for beta since I have annual pass... yes?
AP since 4/23 and still nothing =[ /sad
While the nearly all invites have been sent out there are a number of them that seem to be experiencing an issue that is preventing the Beta account from being applied.

It is entirely possible that even though you only recently signed up that you are one of the ones experiencing the issue. It is being looked into and as soon as it is possible to do so, they'll be adding those folks so they have the opportunity to participate in beta.

Most announcements regarding beta are being posted in the General Discussion forum so I'd recommend keeping an eye out there.

-From the Customer Service Forums
Hmm, so many invites missing. Atleast i know i'm not alone. If only i knew what was going on. I know its only beta, but i enjoy pointing out the bugs and glitches. Some can be fun to play with...with the exception of the infamous disconnect. Really though, where's the invite...
/Sigh I just really want my invite.... I am frequent beta tester for Sony games and Microsoft games studio so I know what I am doing. I signed up on the 30th of April. I love testing out new content and i find those glitches. but Christ this is worse then the time I got my opt-in for Wotlk.
I also signed up for the annual pass (several weeks ago) and never received an invite.
wait a minute so if the PTR and the BETA client are different, then where do I download the BETA client? I have been Annual Pass since 12/6/2011 AND STILL NO INVITE WTF???!?!?!?!?
I have seen the hundreds of posts stating that "I have the AP but no beta", yet ive also seen the blizzard posts stating "All AP holders have recieved the beta". I choose to trust blizzard. Its very possible their were some exceptions, but not in the numbers Im still seeing.Simply put, I choose to assume the majority of these posts are trolling / ignorance-incarnate. These players either recieved the beta and state they havent to keep a troll from dying, or they never signed up for the AP (or they signed up for it 5min ago).

Um Bashiok clearly posted after the previous wave that there were a lot of invites that had issues and got "bounced back". These are people from every wave of invites. This issue is still not resolved. When they did say all AP holders have received invites, this was 1, while the annual pass was still going on and b, they still had not cleared up the issue of those bounced back accounts. Where is your proof? While I am positive you are correct there are those that post to just to incite unrest. There is several of those effected by this unresolved issue currently.

Oh I found your proof. Take note of the part I bolded for you.
We want to confirm that, at this time, all World of Warcraft Annual Pass subscribers have been invited to the Mists of Pandaria beta test, with two groups of exceptions. One exception group are those who purchased an Annual Pass on or after April 18, and will receive their invite in a future wave. The second exception is a small list of remaining accounts from previous waves that encountered an error, and will be properly flagged for beta access as soon as we can resolve the issue.

If you haven't yet purchased an Annual Pass, you still have time to guarantee your spot in the beta

Small list out of over a million + AP subscribers is probably not as small as one might think. Also look at the date, this was 3 days before the AP offer ended. So it did not include everyone, yet.
i donno what to say...waiting all the time is insane :'(
So all remaining AP subscribers did not get the invite. When they came out with the deadline, and then the subsequent post saying all of the invites have been sent, can cause some confusion.

I'm a bit disappointed that being a subscriber after the 18th, means I may be waiting several more weeks to participate in the Beta. I understand though.

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