404ilvl H Pally 7/8 HM LF GUILD

Guild Recruitment
Weekdays, 7pm-12am EST (4pm-9pm PST)

About Me:
I've played WoW on and off for nearly five years, I've raided in progression guilds the past two expansions. I am well-versed in 10 man raiding schemes but I am willing to try out a 25 man guild.

I am a young professional in my mid-20s with control over my own schedule (age limit for applicants is preferred...). I have vent, stable internet connection and a good machine.

I am looking for a guild that is ATLEAST 6/8 HM, anything below that I won't consider. My off-spec is Ret, but honestly I don't have much interested going Ret at all this expansion. The ideal guild would be clearing all heroic content and in need of a full-time healer to step in as a core raider. I do not wish to be benched.

Post info below and I will contact you in-game, real ID or email if preferred.
Demise of Burning Blade Alliance is looking for skilled players to add to our ever-improving roster.

We're currently 8/8 heroic 25 man.
We're ranked 32nd among US 25 man guilds with a pre-nerf Spine kill.
We raid Sunday-Thursday 7pm-11pm EST.

RealID: Vishiz@live.com
Website/Apply: Demise-Guild.Org
Contact: Buffalo/Vishiz.

Hope to hear from you soon!
<Civilian> US-Tichondrius Pacific ( Horde )
We're a tight knit group that has been raiding together for a year. Due to personal reasons, we have lost one of our core members, and we are now looking to replace him.

Tuesday 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. PT
Wednesday 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. PT
Thursday 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. PT
-6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul working on spine on the 3rd plate just need to clean up deaths going into that phase.
Current Need(s)
-1 Holy Paladin or Disc Priest
-Experience is key. At least 3/8 heroic mode experience is required.
"I'll be playing on my alt, my main has the EXP" is a big NO. We want people that are willing commit to our guild.
-Be able to make 90%~ of our raids per month.We understand life happens and [i]sometimes you are unable to come, however remember that you are also wasting 9 peoples time by not showing up.
-Be properly geared, gemmed, enchanted. KNOW YOUR CLASS. You need to squeeze everything you can out of your spec.
-Have a working microphone, communication is key.
-Be able to stay through the full duration of the raid, if you cannot do this then please don't apply

Real ID/Email address is Oompalee67@yahoo.com prefer u contact me in game but if not an email works just the same.
whats your real ID?
Recruiting to expand back into 25 man raiding in MoP.
About us:Veritas is a Horde raiding guild on the Velen server 6/8 Heroic DS. We offer a mature raiding environment with a laid back atmosphere while still consistently pushing for progression. We also sport a long history on Velen. Since BC, Veritas has been a progressive guild with steadfast raiders who are determined to conquer the current content.
Our raid Days will be: Tue/Wed/Thur or Tue/Thur/Mon. Whatever is workable for our raid team.
Raid Times are: 6:00 Server – 9:00 Server. With invites going out at 5:45 Server.
Loot System: We will be utilizing an EP/GP loot system with everyone starting out on an even playing field with the release of MoP.
What we expect:Must have an exceptional understanding of your class.
Flawless attendance; raiding needs to be a priority to you.
Correct gemming, glyphing, speccing and reforging. If you can justify a variation from accepted best practice, we're all ears.
Good internet and computer. Constant DC’s are not accepted and will cause you to lose your raid spot.
If this sounds like a fit for you, please visit our website and apply at: www.veritasgamers.enjin.comOr look for one of our officers in game:Missaou – GMRexxigo – OfficerTakisis – Officer Nyte- Officer Paticakes- MeganIn1987@yahoo.com ( Real-Id)
Spite and Malice (Hellscream-PvE) is 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul US 145 and we currently have a core raiding spot for one healer (and a Holy Paladin is what we would strongly prefer, we didn't even have one last week!)

I won't give you our ginfo spam, I'll get straight to the point:

We raid Monday-Thursday, 7-11 CST (so 8-12 EST). Times/days work out with what you posted.

My RealID: simon_audisho@hotmail.com
My E-mail: spiteandmalice_hellscream@hotmail.com
Website: www.snmhellscream.com
Contact: Myself or Katie

I think we'd work out great for each other, gimme a shout if you agree.
are you still looking?
we're HM 8/8 and need a full-time holy paladin. sunday couns as weekday since friday counts as weekend, right?

TL;DR: Colossus 25man Alliance guild on med-pop PvE realm. CST Timezone. 13 raidhours/week ending before 12am EST or 11pm CST or 10pm MST or 9pm PST.

server: Greymane, PVE, Central Time Zone. 13 raidhours/week.
raid nights:

Wednesday 8pm-11pm CST
Thursday 8pm-11pm CST
Sunday 7pm-11pm
Monday 8pm-11pm

Current 25man Cataclysm Progression

t13 - 8/8 normal 8/8 heroic.


Extended version:

Greetings! If you are looking to experiencing deep endgame content in Cataclysm, Colossus may be the guild for you! We are currently N 8/8 and H 8/8 in Tier 13.

Above all, we expect applicants to be mature, available for AT LEAST 75% of raid nights and to be excellent at their class. For tanks, we would ask that you be available for the bulk of raids (90%). ----- ABOUT US -----
Guild is together since early Tier 4 under mostly same leadership. Accomplihed 4/6 sunwell pre-nrf, 6/6 pre-wolk, Bane in WolK and both meta drakes in ICC within relevant time.

We raid for up to 13 hours a week on current content. In order to keep up with current content we demand a lot of our raiding members, we expect members to be online and ready to go 15min before raid start and for you to pay attention and learn from mistakes and not make the same mistakes twice. What differentiates us from other guilds is that we strive to be efficient at clearing content to maximize the time we can spend on 'Hard Modes' and new bosses per week.

We plan to be actively working on hard modes as soon as normals are cleared. If this isn't your goal, Colossus is probably not the place for you. If it is, and you know your stuff, come and fill out an app at the site. ----- WHAT WE LOOK FOR -----

We would like players to have at least item-level 360, but to have knowledge of all fights in current content. In addition to attendance, knowledge of class, and personality, during our trial period we watch for:

1) Do you die stupidly (why is this fire under my feet...ouch it burns)?
2) Do you follow instructions (did they say I shouldn't stand in this fire)?
3) Do you keep making the same mistake (hmm...this patch of fire looks familiar)?
4) Are you more worried about gear than the guild's progression (I bet if I had that fist weapon off KT this fire wouldn't burn so bad)?
5) Do you show up for raids (meh, do I really feel like standing in fire tonight)?

----- HOW TO APPLY -----

So you happen to be one of these classes and you're thinking to yourself "hey, my gear is pretty darn good and I don't stand in fires or afk during trash and I could make that schedule almost all the time"…well that's great! Please create a post at http://www.colossalguild.net. Click "Apply" in the recruitment box in the upper left and fill out the application completely. Don't be surprised if your post disappears; we 'move' it into a private section to discuss applications. It may take up to a week to hear a response while we consider your application.

IMPORTANT: Take time to write a good application. The officers are, by and large, business professionals, so not using periods between sentences and abbreviating everything isn't the way to go.

Feel free to ask Raynge, Aninn, Sharadah, Abefroman, Ava, Rock, Spikemage or myself when we aren't raiding if you have any questions. If you do not see one of the above people on feel free to ask a member if they are hiding on an alt somewhere, it is very possible. ALSO IMPORTANT: Stay in touch with us. your forum topic will receive replies and we'd prefer to communicate through forums rather than tracking each-other down through level 1 alts.

Officer REALID (two different people. whichever's online can help you):

<Away> is comprised of a group of top 400 world 25m raiders from BC through tier 11 who decided to form a 10m in 4.2. We are looking for more solid players to push us into the top 100-150 in the US for 10 man raiding in MoP.

We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs from 6-10pm PST (9pm-1am EST) and are currently clearing 8/8 HM Dragon Soul and 7/7 HM Firelands in 1 night. In our off-time we also run a 6/8 HM Alt Dragon Soul run and run ~1950 RBGs.


You can also contact me @ Drewwid, Bubblebye, or Ravae (I am online atm as well)
Formerly know as Solfire Tribe, Crux is a 6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul, 6/7 Heroic Firelands 10 man guild on Zul'jin. We are an established guild that has been raiding since Burning Crusade, and we strive to maintain a solid group of raiders who wish to progress together through Dragon Soul and beyond. Many of us have been playing together for years and we have a real passion for pushing ourselves to succeed. We want players who have a strong understanding of their class and who are ready to put in the work to clear new content. Applicants should have experience in the current raiding tier. We expect as close to 100% attendance as possible.

10-man Cataclysm Progression:

Dragon Soul: 8/8 Normal 6/8 Heroic

Firelands: 7/7 Normal 6/7 Heroic

Blackwing Descent: 6/6 Normal 6/6 Heroic
Bastion of Twilight: 4/4 Normal 4/5 Heroic
Throne of the Four Winds: 2/2 Normal 2/2

25-man WotLK Progression:

Ulduar: 9/9 HM
Trial of the Grand Crusader: 4/5 HM
Icecrown Citadel: 11/12 HM

Raid Times (EST):

Tues: 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM
Wed: 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM
Thur: 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM
Mon: 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM

Invites go out at 9:15 PM server time (EST); we start pulling at 9:30.


Pally (Holy): Open

If you do not see your class or spec listed as a current need for our raid group, please don't hesitate to still apply- we will also consider any exceptional applications.

If you are interested in joining Crux, or you just want more information about the guild, please visit our website: www.crux-guild.net

Real ID: cruxzuljin@yahoo.com, feel free to contact me anytime.
Can you raid Sundays by any chance at those times?
We are interetsed !

Blood Sweat & Tiers ( 8/8HM ) is an first year 25 man guild that was built by veteran progression raiders who were unhappy with what they were giving up in terms of guild culture in order to down content. We all believed that a guild could be progressive and STILL maintain a professional, mature teamwork oriented atmosphere. The officers and most of the guild are older, working professionals who want to have a focused raid environment coupled with a rich guild environment, all in a three day, nine hour raid week.

Blood Sweat & Tiers is a guild for experienced raiders committed to achieving a rank of US175 in 25 man raiding for MoP in a 0.5 hour week.. Our goal was US250 while building in Cata, and we reached 251. Most importantly, our goal is to down all content in a Tier while it is relevant, including the Meta Achievement, we are looking people who feel just as strongly that missing those goals is NOT an option.. Blood Sweat and Tiers has all the prerequisites of a stable, long lasting guild:

* A track record of progression
* An energetic, committed, unified and experienced leadership team
* A clearly articulated vision for the guild
* A commitment to recruiting standards to support that vision
* A balanced approach to achieving short term goals without sacrificing the long term

What we are looking for:

* Accountability - We are looking for team players who admit their faults, and fix them.
* Experience - We want to know you have the stamina for progression, and min/max to achieve goals
* Dedication - we are looking for 90+ percent attendance raiders looking for a new long-term home
* Situational Awareness - can you do your job without standing in the < insert flame, slime, etc here >, repeated "DERPS" build resentment
* Reliability - good gaming system, good internet connection, etc
* Focus - Our raid schedule is 3 nights a week, yet we expect to clear all content
* Forum Participation - This where we discuss strats, not while we are sitting in front of the boss.
* Teamwork - We commit to each person that we will build a team that they will be proud to raid with, and feel assured they are all giving 110% to reach our goals..

In return we offer:

* Adult raiding - Our average raider is over 30, there is no yelling, no berating, there ispositive reinforcement, long term strategic vision, and accountability without drama.
* Experience - Officers have experience leading guilds and raids since early BC, and have been playing since release.
* No Bench - We do not recruit a bench, we have a roster size goal of 29
* Consumebales - Flasks, feasts, enchants and guild repairs for all raiders in good standing
* Loot - We are using a EPGP with high decay which discourages hording and encourages rapid improvement to the benefit of the raid team without officer intervention.
* Transparency - guild management is open about all guild business, guild membership is in charge of various aspects of guild maintenance.

Our Raid Schedule:

* Thursday, 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST
* Sunday, 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST
* Monday, 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST

All times are server/pacific time, although the server is physically in Chicago for lower pings country wide

Please contact us at http://BloodSweatandTiers.com

You can contact us also via email or RealID at BSaTrecruiter@gmail.com

We look forward to meeting you
Hey Eegor,
I would like to chat with you more about what you are looking for. Beings you said that you have been on and off for 5 years, I would want to make sure that you would be a long-term raider. We are a 25 man guild and would also like to discuss how you feel about a change in atmosphere. All of my info is below and if you are interested I would recommend making an account on our website. Hope to hear from you soon!


T13: 8/8 heroic

Exiled Legion is a mature (18+ only) 25 man progression guild. We are a well established, driven guild that has been on Doomhammer since July 21st, 2007.

Raid Progression Schedule:

Tue: 5pm-8pm (pst).....6pm-9pm (mst)......7pm-10pm (cst)......8pm-11pm (est)
Wed: 5pm-8pm (pst).....6pm-9pm (mst).....7pm-10pm (cst).....8pm-11pm (est)
Thu: 5pm-8pm (pst).....6pm-9pm (mst).....7pm-10pm (cst).....8pm-11pm (est)

Our Expectations:

We expect a serious long-term commitment to be part of our raiding roster. Players should show up consistently on time, miss only with extremely rare exception, and always give advance notice if they can't keep their commitments. We also expect players to visit the guild forums regularly, to keep up to date on guild announcements, boss strategies, and to participate in general discussions.



Questions? Feel free to contact Shayrae, Peekingtom, Veilla, Yagachu, Zolvolt, or Enable in-game for more information.

Peekingtom's in-game realid: tjgames11@gmail.com
<Reload UI> 8/8 Heroic DS

Server: US-Dalaran
Server type: PvE
Faction: Alliance
Time zone: EST
Apply: Post here or contact me on Real ID ( wilsonjarvis@hotmail.com )

What we're looking for:
- Any ranged DPS
- Holy Paly or Resto Druid
Looking for high end mature raiders that are serious about progression and beating the competition.

What we are:
We are a 10 man mature raiding guild that has a good time without sacrificing progression. We do not rage at players and have a more laid back raid lead style. However deficiencies will not be ignored and will be corrected in a tactful non insulting way.

Tuesday - 8-11 EST
Wednesday - 8-11 EST
Friday - 8-11 EST
<TICKLEFIGHT> Is a new guild on Area 52 formed by 6 players who are all 6/8 hm exp. We are looking to fill out the roster with 4 more players1 Blood Death Knight1 Protection Paladin1 Holy/Ret paladin1 Exceptional Range DPSWe are looking to build a strong core before MOP so we can make a nice run in HM content.Raid times are Wednesday, Thursday, Monday from 9:30-12:30 Eastern standard time.Raiders are expected to show up on time ready for raid. We will provide food flask's and repair costs. We will reimburse server transfer costs after trials have been promoted to raider status and have gained honored reputation with the guild.For any questions please contact me on Realid at Nasgrahu@gmail.com
Simple Math of Andorhal needs a holy paladin for a full-time 25-man raiding position. We raid Sunday-Thursday 7:00pm-12:00pm EST. Here are some of our notable accomplishments:

* Dragon Soul - 8/8 heroic modes.
* Firelands - 7/7 heroic modes + Drakes.
* Tier 11 - 13/13 heroic modes + Drakes.

* Pre-nerf Illidan Stormrage & Kil'Jaeden.
* Ulduar 10 & 25: All heroic modes including Yogg+0, Algalon, and Glory of the Raider.
* ToGC 10 & 25: Tribute to Insanity, Dedicated Insanity, and Immortality.
* ICC 10 & 25: 12/12 heroic modes + Drakes.
* Ruby Sanctum 10 & 25 heroic mode.

You can apply on our forums or by sending an officer your application in a private message. You can also reach me through real id at nik@habitforming.net. Hope to hear from you soon!

6/8H 10m team in need of a holly Pally for core team. Times look to match, Tues + Thurs 8:30 - 12:00 EST. We're on third plate spine.

hit me up on RealID: ricky.stierly@gmail.com

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