Arms pvp in MoP

Seems its going to have less self healing than fury, with knockdown being class wide, no extra crit chance on overpower and and with bladestorm being gutted to 75% wep damage so fury wont be op bladestorming with 2x 2h's, what will be arms place in pvp come MoP?
You have no idea what you are talking about.

Beta is still a beta, while foresight is nice, you cannot plan anything. The crit chance on overpower while would be nice to have extra enrages, is not that big of a deal for arms when enrage is only going to give you 6-10 more rage and possibly speed while glyphed.

The knockdown from being classwide doesn't change arms' viability, and arms' 'viability' isn't based solely on the knockdown either.

Bladestorm is going to 75% because weapon damage is doubling. Yes I will do the math for you 75x2=150, therefore it is the exact same as right now. Identical. Yes fury will get both weapons with bladestorm, but iirc bladestorms can proc arms' mastery, and there is a 20%~ two hander damage bonus from arms, as well the off-hand bladestorms will obviously be weaker than normal. These factors will keep them fairly close, not identical, but enough to make them competitive for any aoe while still being a great anti crowd control.

Self-healing is true, bloodthirst does do extra self healing that arms has no answer for.
Crits make the game fun, tunneling non crit damage into targets is extremely boring, and yes wars wont have anywhere near the self healing other classes will have, also without knockdown and storm being arms specific, what will arms bring to the table that fury cant get?

I only say this because i hate duel wielding and i dont want to be forced into it or pvp, i played a enhance shaman and rogue for years im over duel and for me warrior = 2h master of arms, with crits!

Also play a unholy dk, and while powerful they sit on about 6% crit and the damage is mind numbing after you get over your initial enthusiasm for the spec.
Um there isn't supposed to be a lot that arms brings that fury doesn't... that's the point of pandaria talents. The idea that the important flavourful abilities are available to both, so basically it works like this:

You pick your spec for your personal favourite style of play, and the way your rotation works. Arms has a bonus that overpower still can't be blocked/dodged/parried, which will help you more than you realize against rogues/ferals/enhance/(prots).

Fury's burst is more rng on the actual burst, with good bloodsurge procs. So instead of rng to build up a doom bar, you have the chance to throw big hits every once in awhile. If you get a few good strings of luck with bloodthirst crits that also grant bloodsurge, you might kill someone if you've got nice cooldowns up etc. You could get unlucky with procs at the wrong/right time though, and come up short. The benefit is that the opponent will have a much harder time reacting to your high damage due to its rng and quick globals on bloodsurge that could be difficult to cc.

Arms' burst is more straightforward, you build rage with the help of some overpower rng, then you dump it when you want with a string of slams etc. This means that your burst is more predictable; some people like having more controllable burst (I do, 'tis my opinion), but as such is more easily controlled when they think you will blow.

I suppose fury brings a little more stats, but that will be balanced by dps... it has a little more self healing as well.

TL;DR version - Fury is more unpredictable, for you and your opponent, Arms is more reliable can be seen by smart opponents. Arms has more reliable attacks that are likely to land (overpower, no misses), but Fury has some more stats and self healing to hopefully give you more time to line up the rng damage train.

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