[Have... Have we met?] Broken.

Was told by a game master that i needed to post on the dev forums for a request to have this achievement altered. on alliance dominated servers this achievement is impossible to get, especially those in which horde are scarely if ever found. Fizzcrank is one of these servers. i have never in my experience on fizzcrank seen a horde character doing daily quests in Mount Hyjal. this to me makes this achievement broken because Mankrik can only appear for horde characters. i asked a GM to just give me the credit for Mankrik and they said they cannot alter achievements without express consent from the dev team. i personally think achievements like this, where its a random very low chance to even have the npc spawn, and an even lower chance that a horde will ever even be doing dailies, should be removed from the game. or at least the portion of the achievements that require you to camp at a single area for 18 plus hours a day. every single day. in hopes that you MIGHT see a horde. then, when you do see the first horde in 6 days, hope that by some miraculous chance he brought mankrik with him so you can complete your achievement for the flamebreaker title. no, that is not what expect each month when your money is taken from my account blizzard. i am extremely dissatisfied. me and the other players of this game on servers with terrible balance issues between factions are the ones who fund your paychecks. do us the favor back and let us actually enjoy our time on this game. remove mankrik from this achievement...
Oh no, an optional achievement is harder to get now. Should they take out the "Kill X amount of players in enemy cities" too? While I think they should fix it by allowing free faction changes, realm changes to Horde only or something, your inability to do an optional achievement does not make it broken.

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