What should my dps be?

Arcane mage with a 391 iLvl... where should I be at dps wise?
Lower than a fire mage of the same ilvl and of equal skill. o_o

Other than that, iuno.
20.43% hit...


20K at test dummy, roughly? You have a few issues with your secondary stats, see here for some good advice:

yeah a lot of hit, but I have not reforged to hit I don't believe, just the gear with it is nuts.
Ok well your legs, trinket, and weapon are all reforged for hit so i think you should lose some of that :P reforging out of hit on other items wouldn't hurt either
I was reforged to some hit, fixed now, just over 17% hit. I will have to check dps later, but I have more haste I believe. Anything else seen wrong?

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