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MMO champ has future patch notes for warriors in the next beta build: I guess we get a
glyph that increase our total of rage from 100 to 120. Some cool prot changes too.

E: actual notes.

•Shield Slam -- now generates 20 rage. Sword and Board generates 30.
•Unwavering Sentinel -- now grants passive rage generation like the old Anger Management effect. The intent is to make rage generation smoother when a tank is kiting or otherwise doesn't have high boss contact.
•Demoralizing Shout -- a new (old) Protection spec ability, now in the form of a short-term, free cooldown, much like Barkskin. Reduces the damage done by 20% by targets against the warrior for 10 sec. 60 sec cooldown.
•Shield Barrier -- cost reduced to 20 rage, but consumes up to 60 rage for up to triple the effect. (Total absorb adjusted accordingly).
•Glyph of Thunder Clap -- Not super useful. Redesigned to Glyph of Unending Rage, which increases total rage cap to 120, allowing interested warriors to be able to bank more Rage.
•The sum total of these changes may provide too much rage. We'll have to see. We still want to mess with Berserker Stance and possibly Enrage rage generation as well to make sure warrior rage isn't too static and predictable. We want there to be some Heroic Strike use.
My cat has an enormous abscess in his ear. Like, it takes up pretty much the entire inner portion of his ear. Pop's bringing some stuff home from work tomorrow so we can drain it. Boy, this'll be fun. Poor guy.
Poor kitty :(
Alright, got a raid lockout on Heroic Cho'Gall. Setting up a raid next week for all of us. Tal MIGHT come on her druid, I also have a priest thats interested in it. Sad might too if I bug him enough.

Edit: This is Alliance side.
I stumbled upon this gem again on youtube, still my favorite machinima to date.


On another note, I just saw some warrior footage on the beta and wow it looks... uninteresting. I don't think I'll stop playing my warrior but... ya...
My cats been attacking me all night..

I'm watching you you little furball
I'm a little disheartened that with all the beta builds we're seeing, not one thing has been done to war banner yet. It's troubling because implies that they honestly think the ability is both interesting and potent as-is, rather than uninteresting, underwhelming sack of meh.

Meant rough, and I said it because of the harassment ;)

It's not our fault you have the bed time of a 7 year old

Speaking of being kids, for those of us who grew up alliance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sJ0kFP2LKk

I have to wake up at 4:30 for work, so it's intentional :P
Came here to look for MoP stuff, ended posting in a thread because someone mentioned cats.

This is my life.
Its good to be smexy again! RAWR!
And i really need to get this guy geared up and run LFR.....and change these god awful pants....
05/08/2012 12:12 AMPosted by Caargon
My cat has an enormous abscess in his ear. Like, it takes up pretty much the entire inner portion of his ear. Pop's bringing some stuff home from work tomorrow so we can drain it. Boy, this'll be fun. Poor guy.

For me, that would have to be a "bring the cat to the vet and let them handle it" situation.

Good luck, I hope it goes well. Or went well, depending on timing.
Miss Fortune is silly, silly fun.
Doing my third or fourth race change this month. I just can't help it!

Edit: Forgot new month started a week ago. I feel better it is the first one this month then..........
05/08/2012 08:14 AMPosted by Descending
Its good to be smexy again! RAWR!

this makes me happy

oh...enjoy MoP Queue times on Illidan...better get in line early
Yeah I know, it wont be fun but it'll give me time to grab some food or something lol. Plus the server is on the East Coast, on of the best raiding servers for horde as well as pvp servers, large community, etc. it was a no brainer on my part and since I got these names made available I couldnt pass it up. Now I just need to get geared up on my DK. Do yall think my gear on my warrior is good enough to get in pugs for normal DS or a raiding guild even with it being half PVE/PVP? I was pulling 25-30k in lfr pretty easily on most fights as Arms.
3/8h guilds could take you.
Morning gang!


Compliments of Desc.




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