Looking for a raiding guild

397 ilvl resto druid looking for a raiding guild to join for MoP. Willing to change factions/server as long as i can meet raid times my availability is mon-sun 7pm till late as i work through the day. I have 8/8n and 1/8 hm experience and am looking to get into a more serious side of raiding as i have only been doing casual raiding for the past year or so. I have a DPS offspec of boomchicken but currently have no gear for it as i have worked entirely on resto since DS.
Bump. still looking :)
Dear Cróssy,

We are currently 5/8 (Heroic), We transferred from a low populated server a few months back in hopes of finding better quality players. Seeing we are far behind currently to other guilds we wish to prepare and better organize ourselves for the coming expansion.

We are focusing on some progression but more on player trials and to see if our new ideas will work for MOP, We have failed to currently find a Mage/Hunter so with that I have chosen to build these classes up myself and retire as Feral/Balance.

We are looking for a druid who like myself can play all three specs as we have another druid handling Feral - Bear for the time being, We are in need of a Healer for Sunday. If your interested give me a PM via mail.


Raziel <GM Of Vortacity>

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