Are private servers illegal?

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05/08/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Reveries
Well derp, of course Blizzard hosted them before BC. The point is that there's a demand to play WoW the way it was before WotLK when people felt that the game was at its peak.

The cost>demand these servers exist because people stole property that was not theirs.

Well then if the demand is so low then allowing these private servers clearly isn't causing blizzard any financial harm?

The argument does not and cannot extend outside of the closed system of the universe bounded by the existence of space and time. We find ourselves in the realm of non-sense.

I disagree.

Being that this absolute moral law has a source, regardless of whether the source is outside of space and time, then that entity can be referenced as the source.

Furthermore, I would be careful on limiting whether or not we can reference things outside of space or time being that your original statement also depends upon this.

Being that, saying the Universe has a cause of its existence, and then stipulating what that cause was requires that you move your argument outside of the "closed system of the universe bounded by the existence of space and time."
K didn't exactly ask for all the attitude just an answer

It's somewhat interesting that blizzard never pursued the wow servers like they did bnetd, though. At least, not nearly as aggressively.

It's funny you should mention this, as I once researched the original WoW development, and there were private servers, even for the original alpha and beta phases, and after a while Blizzard came down on them hard, and all of them no longer exist to this day.

Yes, back when it was in development Blizzard cared about the private servers. However these days, though it is against their terms of what ever, I don't think they are as hardcore about the situation like they were back during development. I could be wrong.

Either way, never did understand why anyone would choose private server over official game; nothing but bugs that never get taken care of, and egomaniac GM's or other staff that think just because they run the server or have so called GM commands, they think they're special... it really sucks compared to Blizzards game.
05/08/2012 12:39 PMPosted by Zokkomo
And if Blizzard is aware of this, why aren't they terminated? How is a priv server running for years? Blizzard obv does not care...

Simply because something exists, does not mean it is sanctioned or otherwise permitted.

05/08/2012 12:42 PMPosted by Zokkomo
But when I send tickets in they just tell me to read their license and agreements and...

I'm not entirely certain what you'd want them to say. Our In-Game Support staff does not handle such issues, as that is more an issue for our hacks and legal departments. They could not tell you why or why not a particular site is still active nor would they otherwise be able to discuss the matter with you.

While some of you are trying to maintain a civil and constructive discussion I'm afraid many have not. Since the subject itself is not entirely appropriate for these forums I'll be keeping this locked.

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