glyph changing for specific fights.

So I am now at the point where to squeeze every bit of dps out of my raids im changing glyphs by fight, no movement I change UL for LB, but I was wondering If I should change in fire ele glyph and which it should replace, both on moment and non movement fights?
Is it better with alot of moving to change out flame shock or lavaburst glyph?

I have simd them both and it doesn't help much as siming assumes patch fight.
Thanks for any advice from upper lvl raiding shaman.
Only use Ele on madness, and yor saj, you should never take out flameshock, no matter what it is a DPS Iincrease
so on those heavy movment fights i should I just take out lavab glyph?
DS is not movement intensive to drop LvB. There is enough movement to warrant UL though so you keep it for most fights.

You should run LvB, FlS, and UL for the most part. If the fight will permit two good uses of Fire ele drop LvB for FE. This means the fight should last around 7-8 minutes, or 12-13 (Basically madness).

You should swap UL for LB on Ultraxion, Spine, and normal Warlord, and swap UL for FE on Madness. For heroic Warlord you should keep UL, but the fight has a hard enrage of 5 minutes so you shouldn't be using FE glyph.

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