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I disagree with the "NO" to account wide rep. Why? My answer is because grinding rep on 10 toons is not my idea of 'seeing and exploring the world'. I have ONE main toon. This is the only toon I want to grind rep on. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If I want to raid/dungeon crawl with my alts, I need to grind rep to get gear, enchants, gems, etc. This makes me less likely to play my alts.

Suggestion ~ I understand why you don't want the rep to go account wide. Why should a level 1 have 55+ exalted reps? So I propose that once you are level appropriate (able to unlock the rep) that your rep becomes account wide.

Example ~ You have a level 85 that's exalted with Therazane. Your level 82 alt just got into Deepholm. Even though you are in Deepholm you still need to unlock the Therazane faction in order to benefit from the rep.

Something along these lines. Please please please and thank you for considering it.
Or even just to do what someone else mentioned and make it a meta achievement. That way rep wouldn't be affected by other characters but you'd still be able to continue your rep grinding on any toon you'd like instead of having to grind it multiple times or on a certain character.
It would be much more fun if you put account wide rep working with account level bound achievements so you have to be a certain level and you would have to have it on another toon.

The account wide rep wouldnt work with current expansion cause that does take much from the game but im talking about rep from classic and BC and WOTLK rep being account wide,it would make things easier and way more fun and it would give us time to raid or pvp with the guild or friends, like say i got aldor on my paladin then my hunter would have it , it would make stuff way more fun for people and theyll have more time to play then to grind cause grinding is fun but not when you do it 6 or 8 times.
I was hoping when shared achievements came that it included shared reputations. This way I could freely play whatever character I wished without worrying about a 'main' character. I still feel stuck to a main without shared reputation because my main has many exalted reps. Grinding reputation for more than one character is not something I enjoy whatsoever. I hope that Blizzard reconsiders their choice in not implementing this into the game. I would much enjoy exploring all classes without feeling like I have to do 'chore grinding' on a main guy.

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