<Resurgence> LFM Reg spots (updated)

Hey gang -

We're working on heroic DS on Wednesday/Monday. Alts + others runs in DS/FL Fri/Sat. Currently 3/8 Heroic.

Currently could use one or two on the Wednesday/Monday team. Not gonna state a particular toon that would get a spot, but rather the best person would fit in with the group on a toon that could fill a hole, even if the hole would require one of us to toon swap.

Friday/Saturday night group is working on Firelands & H-FL for the staff quests and because it's fun as well as runs in mostly normal DS.

normally lots going on through the week - we do a guild LFR run and there's a few who like to do arenas etc.

Feel free to leave a reply, check the website or pst ingame.


/who resurgence in game

My alts all have Abyrr in the name, but any member can invite so hit us up.
Also forgot to mention, accepting anyone really looking for a guild. We're not a bunch of people chasing purple pixels, but love to play wow and hang out as a group.

Looking for a bigger group heaing into mists who want to level up.

Come one come all!!
Bump for the weekend group and grats to the thurs/sun group DW normal kill.

Fri/sat team looking for regulars who wouldn't mind working on h-fl and h-t11. Maybe farm easy ds for an hour.
Still looking for some more great people to add to the ones we already have. Hit me or Abyrr up!
Bumps for weekenders! Need heals and dps who want to work on H-firelands & Dragon Soul.
What are the raid times for the Fri/Sat group?
Hey - Fri/Sat is 7 server. These are pretty much the standard guild start times for raids on any night.

Thanks for the bump!
Thanks for the reply, still needing something around 10pm fri/sat/sun/wed
Good luck there bud, plenty on LB with something going on during those times - I'm sure you'll find your group.

Still actively recruiting folks with an eye towards 5.0! Active raid teams with alt runs when possible are here!

Up to almost 100 toons over 40 accounts now. Heading to guild level 12 by the weekend! Perks incoming!
Halfway to 13 and still on the hunt. Safe for alts! Safe for mains! Bring the whole family!
Come join us for HMs. Fri/Sat group needs some love.
Bumpage for Updates and because its Friday!! We'll be 16 when I log in tonight!!
I'm going to be transferring to lightbringer soon..are you looking for a tank? also mind if i ask what times you raid and if it is server time or otherwise. Thanks
Hey Ashwar - Definitely glad you stopped in.

Give me a shout or game mail sometime. Our raid times are all pretty much 7 server.
Looking for more!!
I am interested, are there still DPS spots open for Fri/Sat runs? Is tonight's raid a FL raid?

I'm coming off a raiding break but did pretty good on normal mode DW last night. I switched to unholy after last night's raid b/c of a weapon upgrade, but can DPS in frost if necessary.

Feel free to let me know via in game mail, thanks!

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