New Beta Build Coming Up Later Today (May 8)

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05/08/2012 02:27 PMPosted by Scyl
"Live" Im gonna guess beta servers?

"live" doesn't automatically apply to retail.

In this case "going live" literally means "out of internal/alpha testing, available to beta"

*Throws glitter*
The more you know!
64-bit yes, 32 bit no (I expect you'll be able to play the 32-bit app)
New zone without being able to level to 89 is kind of useless. Just saying.
05/08/2012 03:04 PMPosted by Beefyswagz
New zone without being able to level to 89 is kind of useless. Just saying.
Maybe it's implied in the blue post, but I'd rather have confirmation either way.
its beta testing, its not about the level you can get, just saying ,,,
Well considering an entire tier worth of talents is unreachable and therefore untestable until level 90, it is a bit about what level you can reach. But they're probably just not ready with all the talent stuff yet.
right, and so so many bugs yet to be fixed
If they want people to test the quest flow as it will eventually appear on live then they can't just put in artificial barriers. Just saying. What if people are still level 88 and are on a DPS toon and the mobs in the new zone are too powerful for them? Sure, I'm a Guardian druid, and level 90 mobs are no problem for me, but not everyone plays a tank.

Since someone mentioned level 90 (Tier 6) talents, that has pretty much nothing to do with allowing people to level to 89.
New zone = 89 lvl cap? :D
I'm hoping that the only exception to the level cap increase with new zone content was krasarang BECAUSE it is technically the same level as Vot4W...they upped the cap as soon as they released kun-lai so...
05/08/2012 03:12 PMPosted by Captdeadman
New zone = 89 lvl cap? :D

They haven't said so yet. To me it seems kind of weird to have one without the other. The only thing we really gain by opening up Townlong Steppes is the new dungeon, but the question will be whether level 88 characters will even be capable of finishing the place.
05/08/2012 02:55 PMPosted by Calbador
What do you think?
I think this belong to the beta forum.
Mac sucks, get a real computer. If beta is to good for you go back to runescape
Scenarios? Blizzard, I love you.
Guys, check out MOPgamer on youtube for some good scenario videos later :)
I found the solution for mac users go pc.
05/08/2012 02:56 PMPosted by Oyness
Spoken like a true shut in. I enjoy my Mac and get with the times. Desktops are going obsolete...

Desktops are what call Personal Computer.

What do you see walking in a computer room at a school oh look a PC.

What do you see at work oh look a PC.

So stop Dreaming and Wake Up PC are not going obsolete.

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