New Beta Build Coming Up Later Today (May 8)

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I tried to pull up the launcher to play and it started to download what looks to be like a new update (didn't realize there was one till i came here). About 30 seconds in I get an error and it closed. Now when I try to boot up the launcher it starts loading the download and pops up and error box that says "ERROR: The file "Localization.xml" could not be loaded." Does this mean I have to re-install the whole beta?
Nevermind on that. I got another error saying wow-0-15668-OSX-final.MPQ was corrupted so I went in and deleted that update so it could download it again. It is currently halfway downloaded without any issues.
I downloaded the latest patch and when I tried to login I get the same loader trap nothing in user space but loader space. it is a 0#(8510000) assertion failure

file: RenderMapChunk.cpp
line 2243

expr renderChunkBatch

the fault occurs during system setup time. The User has no control of any kind. it does not matter what addons are loaded are or are not loaded and it does not matter which toons nor which server. This is a program failure not by any input from the user.
As I see it the misbehavior goes like this:
  • if both of the direct-clients won't launch, use the Launcher, there's probably a patch.'
  • if "play" from the Launcher won't launch, use a direct client, there's probably a EULA/TOS agreement again.

Today there was a patch. 32 bit client worked fine, wanted EULA/TOS agreements. I keep alias icons for both the 32 and 64 bit versions, but got into my gaming late so went straight for the 32. lucky me :P

I do regret that they are not filling in the parchment on the launcher, not even with one or two lines of text to express what's new this time ("new zone and scenarios, level cap is still 88").
In case anyone is still wondering, the 32-bit Mac client works fine, it's only the 64-bit client that's missing, so just set to use 32-bit client or run the 32-bit client directly.

I was already using the 32-bit client because at least one of my characters wouldn't load without crashing on the 64-bit one.
In my /Applications/World\ of\ Warcraft\ Beta/ directory, there are three files of interest:

  • World of Warcraft Beta
  • World of
  • World of

The Launcher has a dark green WoW "W" circle, the app without the -64 on the end has a brighter green round logo with the word "TEST", and the app with the -64 normally has the same "TEST" icon too but today it has a paper with writing tools. Even my mac agrees they broke the 64-bit one.

I believe the Launcher normally tries to be smart and launch the best one for your platform. It might not be a bad idea if they added a sanity-check to it too, so it when it has to refuse to launch one it can back off to try the other, or offer a text box suggesting various human tactics.
What exactely do they mean by the beta servers are going in will it be aviable for ptr or still just for people who got the beta anual pass invite or has the beat been offline and is going to be live again, or are their just gona be new servers?
Or does it mean open beta servers?
We have a new build of the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta client almost ready to push live, and it will come up later today. This new build includes a new zone (Townlong Steppes), new quests, and new scenarios.

Please be aware that players testing on 64-bit versions of a Mac OS will be unable to play during this build. There is an issue in this build with Mac-64, and we didn’t want that issue to delay testing for the majority of players.

We expect that we will release the next build, which will include a fix for the Mac-64 issue, later this week.

Thank you for your feedback and continued testing of Mists of Pandaria.

Downloaded update and Beta runs good on my Mac Pro 8 core with OS Lion. Runs really nice. No issues or problems.
05/08/2012 02:55 PMPosted by Spirus

You should invest in a real computer.

I agree!

Believe me My Mac 8 core Pro can out preform any pc well. And it is playing the update right now. Mac's are real computers and the best around. :-)
Just an F.Y.I. , the level cap has been raised. I'm level 88 and still getting exp, currently I am 10% into my level.
05/08/2012 02:47 PMPosted by Hazouki
So I run on a mac and ur tellin me I wont be able to play beta til later this week??!!! I hope I misunderstood cz my stomach just dropped :(

You should invest in a real computer.

You mean one that can run OS X, Windows, and *nix seamlessly? Oh, wait...
05/08/2012 02:45 PMPosted by Shadowofnigh
So I run on a mac and ur tellin me I wont be able to play beta til later this week??!!! I hope I misunderstood cz my stomach just dropped :(
there isn't much to do in beta anyway and do you really wna ruin the next Xpac for yourself so soon...?

It's not ruining the xpac, it's testing it like blizzard intended. Besides it's nice to know a little about the dungeons and raids once it does go live.

I agree!

Believe me My Mac 8 core Pro can out preform any pc well. And it is playing the update right now. Mac's are real computers and the best around. :-)

I'm sure you have no idea what the heck you're talking about. For every "good" Mac out there, there is an equal PC that cost the user 50-75% of what the hipster paid for his/her Apple product.
Oyness they did just say youll be out or down for a week yes...probs with Macs is there far ahead of all other tech so there behind your not =)
Man some things never change, I remember arguments about PC vs Mac since the 80's. That was when PC's were called IBM's or IBM clones and the Commodore and Tandy were still considered viable computers.

I've always used PC's and Macs and there are things I liked about each. I remember as a kid walking home from school, I used to stop at an Egghead store on the way all the time to drool over what games I wished I could play. They would generally have a couple computers running with games on them so you could try them out, but the one thing I remember most distinctly was 90% of the software in the store was dedicated to PC's and there was one tiny corner for mac, and to this very day that hasn't changed that much.

Both machines bring a lot to the table, but PC's have always been where the lions share of the software is at. Fun Fact #236 The original Warcraft: Orcs vs. Humans was released for both Mac and PC on the same CD.
anybody else having problem getting on.i tried 15 times to get on and it crashes.i hit enter world button and it starts to load then crashes. no playing tonite i guess

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