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Here's an idea for 2 new races. I do not own the designs, they belong to Deniya at deviantart, who asked me to post these. So please check out his gallery and give feedback on the designs.
Screw, ALLL THIS!!!!! Just bring it back to the whole "dark" theme! Thats what made wow not all this magic and panda stuff! Looking at the original manual artwork made me think what a brutal game this was..................Pop up a panda next 6 years later and like WTF?!?!?! The next expansion pact should get rid of all this easy cute n cuddly stuff......bring back the old dungeons and dragons 90's theme.
Chris Meltzen hinted that Turalyon and Alleria may make an appearance next expansion so it would seem to imply the burning legion would play apart.

We also have the Kul Tiras and Azshara out there somewhere. They may combine the two ideas into the next expansion or focus on one.
At Blizzcon Metzen mentioned something about wanting players to discover a fleet of Draenai ships near Argus only to realize while talking about it that that description sounded more like Protoss. Now the only Protoss-like race we even know of is the Ethereal so unless Blizzard's making another Protoss-like race it will their fleet of ships we'll be seeing. Of course if the Ethereals' the Protoss-like race then the Silithid is the Zerg-like race(and what luck! The Horde is allready in possession of Silithid allready)
I wouldn't mind invading the Emerald Dream, maybe I could catch Malfurion while he's napping (giggle, bad joke). Anyway it would be interesting. However what I would really like to see is an expo featuring something like the Ethereals, an ancient civilization that combines magic and technology into fantastic, enormous machines and amazing feats of magnificence. Actually, we could find an abandoned world with the same thing. It would be nice to stumble upon ruins, instead of leaving them in our wake.

I don't like to mention other mmos, but the new expansion that RIFT is coming out with looks pretty awesome. Just the basic idea, it's a bit of a departure from the normal fantasy scene (almost sci-fi), but it retains elements of magic and wonder, and ties it together in a neat little package. If Blizzard could accomplish something like that, one marvels at the possibilities.
I wouldn't mind invading the Emerald Dream, maybe I could catch Malfurion while he's napping (giggle, bad joke). Anyway it would be interesting. However what I would really like to see is an expo featuring something like the Ethereals, an ancient civilization that combines magic and technology into fantastic, enormous machines and amazing feats of magnificence. Actually, we could find an abandoned world with the same thing. It would be nice to stumble upon ruins, instead of leaving them in our wake.

I doubt we'll be getting an Emerald Dream expansion at this point. What happened to the Aspects at the end of Cata is murky at best(as far as I'm aware, anyway), but between that and Malfurion containing the Nightmare I don't see us going there apart from a brief jaunt when we're going after N'Zoth.
Last night i thought of ten expansions and names

1. World of Warcraft: Jailor of the dammned (Solving the deal with BOlvar and going more in-depth of what happened to him and introduce the Necromancer Class)
2. World of Warcraft: The Emerald Nightmare (We get to see what the deal is with the Emerald Dream)
3. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Deep (We get to see the other side of Azeroth and it turns out to be a huge chain of islands, and a battlefield between Naga and Kvaldir, and groups of sailors trying to survive, the Naga are a playable Neutral [like pandaren] race, and the Sailor hero class is introduced)
4. World of Warcraft: South Seas (Pretty much wrath of the deep, only the South Seas)
5. World of Warcraft: The Forgotten Ones (N'Zoth and whoever the other Old God is are finally dealt with.)
6. World of Warcraft: Return to Argus (The Draeni get really, really homesick and decide to take ARgus from the Demons, we get to see the Narru and Titans work together, and the Demon Hunter Class is introduced)
7. World of Warcraft: The Fourth War (PvP fans finally get their own expansion, as new battlegrounds open up and the Horde and Alliance begin to fight their mighty fourth war)
8. World of Warcraft: The Thing Under Trisfal (Self explanatory)
9. World of Warcraft: Rise of the Elemental Lords (The Elemental Lords return!)
10. World of Warcraft: The Chaos War (Sargaras Returns to make his final push against Azeroth, and accidently damages the Caverns of Time, causing a huge time-warp and making all the past villians and heroes return, the Infinite Dragon thus gains power and begins its final push, and a horrific entity similar to a Sha apperes from the future, claiming itself to be master of reality and calling itself Chaos, and all that stand before this terrfying horde of foes from the past, present and future are the Alliance and the Horde, with some help from the Titans and Narru. The Time Mage, Swordmage, and Chaos Adept hero classes are introduced, as well as several new worlds due to the fact that the future, past and present colided, possibly the finale of World of Warcraft)
World of Warcraft: Into the Dark

We use portal to travel to three different planets each with 2 big zones. K'aresh, Xoroth, and either Argus or a new planet.
New Playable race: Ethereals (neutral) Two rival factions of the race ally with the Horde and Alliance when they reach K'aresh. They bring with them the ways of the Profiteer.

New class: Profiteer- have an assortment of buffs for allies and debuffs for enemies. Two spec for dps and one for healing. Uses one-handed swords, daggers, wands, and new pistol weapons. Profiteer races Human, Forsaken, Goblin, Blood Elf, Ethereal, Gnome, and Dwarf.

After a noticeable resurgence of demonic presence on Azeroth, both the Horde and Alliance decide it's time to take the fight to the Legion instead of reacting to it's invasions. Using newly constructed portals the factions of Azeroth travel into the Great Dark to hunt down the enemy.
I really hope the Legion isn't summoned back into Azeroth, it's happened too many times.

That being said, the legion is truly the source of almost all our problems. Everything that happened in Vanilla, BC, Wrath, and portions of Cata were caused by the Legion, so we will have to face them.

And lucky for everyone, I can think of a way to tie it together:

Azshara tries to resummon the Legion back into Azeroth, but we stop her. However in the process some crazy mage or warlock stabilizes the portal she created, and makes it to where they can't come in on us but we can use it to go in on them. We obviously decide to take advantage of this, and begin an invasion of a legion world, the home of the Eredar perhaps. After trying to fight us and more or less failing, the different ranking commanders on the planet decide to leave the world and join the rest of the Legion, which is strangely absent.

We breeze past a couple other legion worlds (we wouldn't even have to quest there, just hear about it through npcs and other quests, maybe participate in a couple battles) until we stumble across a world that the Titans are just forming, due to the brilliant form of navigation that is shooting off wherever looks best, since we don't know where we're going. Few titans are on the world at the time, but those that are recieve word to eradicate us, we are deemed a failure. We fight our way out of this and force them to retreat, and establish bases on the world because we've been pretty well homeless in the nether up until this point, and the closest cities are obviously back on Azeroth.

We continue on and stumble across a demon battilion, whom we kill of course and obtain papers or tablets from their leader that the warlocks tell us say that the Legion is invading the home of the Titans. We go to help, in some hope of redemption. The titans attack us, feeling we are a failure and couldn't help anyway, so we fight back. Seeing that our only chance for survival is to kill the Titans so they don't show up one day to exterminate us, we begin to invade. A point of contention at this time could be that we are essentially working towards the same goal as Sargeras, if definitely not working together. However nobody denies we are doing what must be done.

We meet at the core of the planet in the capital city, having fought our way around and in from opposite sides. The Titans are killed or almost killed, whatever. The real point of this comes when Sargeras turns his wrath and the might of his minions on us, either because the titan's are done for and he's moving on, or because we saved the last few titans. At this point comes the final showdown, and we win (hopefully). Anyway the raid in which it happens should be really, really, really hard. Not something you are likely to finish sucessfully your first couple of tries.

You could divide this into several expansions, there is certainly more than enough material to keep them busy for a while. And that's good, because WoW is far too successful for Blizzard to show any signs of slowing down, thank Elune.
I think there should be an expansion called "The Rise of the Raiders." were a new class would be pirate and new races could be murloc for aliance and naga for horde.
well for people that dont know this there is a trading card game of wow's and in it there is a card called KROG THE DEATH FIST and it show him as a Death Knight holding frostmorne Look it up if you think im lieing i think the lich king is not over yet i think there planing to do add on to it like the 2 lich kings or something but they will Do anothere XP on the lichking. Oh F Y I i know frostmorne was broken but the half of it is on display in dalaran on the stachu in dalaran any one cant take it
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Those are actually really good.
This is just a rough draft - but here is what I would like to see for the next expansion:

Main Villains - Queen Azshara, Netuplon
Minor villains: Venture Company, and Bloodsail Pirates


Kul Tiras: The Alliance entry zone, with the Alliance arrive to aid in defending the Island Nation against a Naga invasion. Note the Island is not destroyed, just under siege - the finale ends with the main city becoming the Alliance's expansion hub and the main naga force retreating

Ruins of Zandalar: The Horde entry zone, the arrive to reclaim the Island chain from the naga - the finale ends with the main island being secured and becoming a Troll themed fortress and the Horde's expansion hub

Plunder Isle: Bloodsial Pirates take avantage of the situation and make repeated raids on Horde and Alliance transport and cargo ships forcing the two to send a small team to nuetralize the Pirate force. A 5-man and raid would be in this zone.

Kezan: The surface of the Island, after dealing with the Bloodsail the Horde sends the players to Kezan after Gallywix diverts his Goblin fleet to the Island in order to reclaim it "for the horde" (in reality he wants to reclaim it for himself then set himself up as King of the Goblins).

The Alliance send it's players to the Island in order to win over the Trade Princes' help for the upcoming invasion.

The surface is held by the Naga who it turns out diverted their attack force to the Island and is attacking the Venture company who holds the Undermine

Undermine: The massive underground capital city will be it's own zone. Here the main focus is on the venture Company who turns out was in league with the naga before betraying them and causing a Gilgoblin uprising. I would have another 5-man and raid here.

Nazjatar: underwater zone (groan in know), set up to be the push toward Queen Azshara palace (which would be a raid zone: where we find that Azshara has betrayed Nozth and used a summoning ritual to entrap it, and drain it's power into her, Netuplon turns out to have secretly joined her and received his own power up and leaves to conquer all of the Elemental planes)

Major Patches:

Possible Zandalari patch depending on what happens in MoP with them

Abyssal Plane patch: We travel back to the other elemental planes to stop Netuplon's attacks and gather up an elemental assault force - included making a deal with a new devil in the Firelands (new 5 mans). Plus the raid to finally take down Netuplon and shove the weaken Nozth back where he came from.

Tomb of Sagaras: The final patch and raid against the Empowered Queen Azshara. Where we find that she has re-allied herself with the Burning Legion and before we can finally kill her - but after preventing her from flooding the entire planet, she opens a temporary Portal to Argus destroying the Tomb while claiming that she will rule the Cosmos as HIS Queen as she escapes. (The surface and outer island would be the daily zone with the tomb itself being the raid)
^ I think that idea is quite good, Hauser.
We find a new landmass on the other side of Azeroth. Now wanting to be frontier pioneers, the Alliance decides to put the steam engines from their ships onto mine carts to make them go faster while wearing the newest trendy Badlands Cattle hats and using pistols.

The Horde responds with tying little old Gnome ladies onto the tracks our steam trains use.

shut up and take my money
If there is a Southsea expansion at some point, id love to have us choose between the Northsea Pirates and the Southsea Pirates as the Aldor/Scryers factions.
12/13/2012 08:09 PMPosted by Cobble
If there is a Southsea expansion at some point, id love to have us choose between the Northsea Pirates and the Southsea Pirates as the Aldor/Scryers factions.

Well that's unfair, everyone would likely choose Southsea because of the interactions with them in Kalimdor.
Unless they really want to bring the factions together (which Metzen and CDev might, but the rest of Blizzard wants the faction war to keep going, so it's not happening), I don't know. They seem be leading up to the Army of the Light fighting the onslaught the Burning Legion, but I'm hard-pressed to say that would be anything but a finale. I'd figure Blizzard to want another 5 level increment expansion instead of a 10.
I got a very big tip on the next expation for wow I dont know if its 100% or not but i was told it going to be called WAR OF THE ANCIENTS aperantly there will be a new faction could TIMEWAKERS and you got to go back in time to help some orc called BROXIGAR SOURFANG Stop some Ancient god could SARGERAS. like i sied i dont know if its 100% or not but i know the guy that works there i will not say his name couse wow is reading these forums but i bleve him to be telling me the truth. if you guy dont think so try to do some diging before you responed to this and know your wow history to. oh ps i know my spelling and gramer suck

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