Itens not dropping from Murozond

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I killed this guy 6x in Heroic mode (, I'm looking for:

Crown of Epochs -
Temporal Pauldrons -

but these itens never drop, In it's says that is "medium" drop chance, in Wowhead, It's saying that is 28% chance, I never saw these itens in loot, can you check if it's dropping correctly? I always find the Trinket.
At best, Uzinho, your post fits much better in the Bug Report forum ( ) than this one, which focuses on issues with websites, not the live game.

But keep in mind that a 28% drop chance for an item does not mean the odds of it dropping increase each time you kill the boss. Every time you fight him, there's about a one in four chance of seeing it. You might see it drop the first time you kill him; you might see it drop the fifth time, or the 10th time, or (if you're really unlucky) maybe even never. That's just the way RNG works. Here's one person who saw the crown drop twice in three days:

Hopefully, one day soon the gods of luck while smile on you. Keep at it, and keep your fingers crossed! (But not while fighting the boss.)

Just because this Annihalator ( doesn't needed... hunf!!!

Thanks for you support, I'll keep killing this little dragon and wait for my time to come! Cheers.
Talking about the odds, I am probably doing 20th run since I started counting, even more before that and the dagger haven't dropped yet. The odds are either broken or secretly removed :Dso much for a 25% chance if I can recall the drop rate.

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