Power Word: I'd Like To Buy Dispersion Rug

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Guess u learn something new everyday. Still just seems like a wrong to me, but I can live with the female dance, I'll just never dance. I will never make a male panda ever though solely because of my hatred for party rock
Wtb heroic maw. 3 kills and nada, zip, zero, zilch.

Fire/Frost = Frostfire
Fire/Shadow = Shadowflame
Fire/Holy = Holy (The damage type is defined as Fire/Holy; tooltip describes it as just Holy)
Nature/Arcane = Spellstorm
Frost/Shadow = Shadowfrost
Shadow/Holy = Twilight (Though no spell currently deals Twilight damage)
Holy/Arcane = Divine
it's interesting that they decided to give vampiric embrace/reverse vampiric embrace to druids.
give reverse vampiric embrace to druids.

I caught that myself one time, 3 weeks of penicillin and it cleared up.

Good to see you again Stuffy!

Ran LFR with Ankle and Emchan no lootz for me, boo.

Thanks for your service Penta.
i suppose i should go for 8000 achievement points, huh...
Well at least I don't feel compeltly useless in Beta now as a disc priest. Kinda sad that spirit is HOPEFULLY bugged right now, having serious troubles monitoring who's got what though <,<

I'm way to dependent on grid and I freely admit it.
Party Panda's in the Beta tonight, everybody just have a good time!
05/09/2012 06:32 AMPosted by Awria
Anyone have Tera?

05/09/2012 06:25 AMPosted by Taheraliel
Party Panda's in the Beta tonight, everybody just have a good time!

05/09/2012 06:32 AMPosted by Awria
You disgust me.


Hate. That. Song.
Every day I'm Pandaren.
05/09/2012 06:08 AMPosted by Naturesway
Ran LFR with Ankle and Emchan no lootz for me, boo.

Worst Madness EVAR!

E: I was trying to get him the Morchok shoulders from the Warlock who later got a shoulder tier token from someone else who rolled on it, but it just turned in to a trade/drop group shenanigan. Maybe next week we won't have 5 false starts on Madness from morons. That one run with the tank solo tanking it was pretty intense though.
05/09/2012 06:53 AMPosted by Anklemelter
Worst Madness EVAR!

That was my last attempt.
05/09/2012 06:59 AMPosted by Elmonco
That was my last attempt.

I probably had 1 more after that one.
Someone on mmo-champ linked http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3i8wfgkOlA ... hypnotizing...

On a related note, despite my intense phobia of furries, the pandas are cute enough, I may have to make one, in spite of the constant urge to sing the gummi bear theme song.
Great game, Holmes.
End game, most likely non-existent, as is the usual case with new games. But idgaf. Leveling is fun as !@#$, and PvP is pretty lively.

yeah i was only partially serious. i'd be interested in trying it if not for d3, gw2, etc. i don't have the kind of time to invest into too many games at once anymore :<

e: just bought a priceline package to north carolina for my friend's wedding next week. flights + car + hotel = $498
05/08/2012 09:21 PMPosted by Woaden
Name sounds familiar... PvP guy, posted a lot on the DD forums?

PvP guy? Ouch.
05/09/2012 07:30 AMPosted by Tsilyi
north carolina


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