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If I complete the Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms quests on an alt will that go towards the Loremaster achievement if I complete the Cata quests on my main?
Not yet.
Let’s consider Loremaster of Kalimdor.

  • Character A completes Ashenvale Quests for a toast and 10 points.
  • If Character B then completes Ashenvale Quests, they will get the toast, but not 10 more points. (It is NOT a new achievement for the account.)
  • If Character B then completes Felwood Quests, he gets a toast and 10 points. (It is a new achievement for the account.)
  • If Character A never completes Felwood Quests, he will not get a toast, but the achievement will show that the account has the achievement. (It is NOT a new achievement for the account.)
  • Loremaster of Kalimdor is a meta achievement, so it is account only. If we assume that Character A complete half of the Kalimdor quest achievements and Character B completes the other half, then Loremaster of Kalimdor will give a toast for whichever character is logged on at the time. The account will get 10 points.
  • Any new characters will continue to get toasts (but not points) for doing Felwood Quests or whatever, but . No character on that account will ever see a toast for Loremaster of Kalimdor again.

This sounds more confusing than it is. In the Achiement UI, you will see normal achievements (which are now shared) and account-only achievements, which use a different color and symbol to indicate that you can only get them once.
Will the 310 mount benefit from "What a Strange Trip" be given to all acounts, or just the one that earns it? I know that since it's a collective account process now, determining who is the main earner will be difficult.

If it is account wide, will accounts that had a 310 mount prior to patch 3.3 get the 310 skill as well?
That sounded really confusing o.o
And who gets in this example, the tabard? All characters? The one that is logged in at the time?

edit: assuming it acts the same way for Northrend.
Does anyone know what happens if you delete the character you originally got an achievement on? I mean, I assume the achievement goes away, but does anyone know for sure?
So if I'm reading this right, any "account-level" meta achievements' sub-achievements (like Felwood Quests and Ashenvale Quest) are, for all intents and purposes, additive at the account-level in regards to the meta? Meaning all achievements going towards an account-level meta can each be earned separately by one single account's various alts? Assuming they're good on the faction restrictions, etc.

So for example, if you guys decided to "account-level" the new raiding tier's meta, I could earn each individual "Heroic: Kill x boss" achievement on different characters but would still get the meta if I completed the rest of the required achievements.

If that wasn't too confusing... @_@
Sounds like it's turning out to be what I was hoping for. Thanks for the info.
So another clarification here or rather a possible request: Will the achievement UI show how off to the side in a hover tip which characters on your account have done it or just the first. Is it possible to modify the UI to show all your characters with that specific one? Similar to how the Guild UI shows the names of characters involved in certain achievements. I wouldn't want this to show in a linked achievement necessarily just on your own UI for personal reference.

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