World Pvp on Darkspear

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Hello everyone ! As we know World Pvp is coming back. I would like to ask all the guilds to participate in the great events coming up! That means Horde and Alliance . I hear allot of people complaining about getting ganked or killed for no reason.. well this isn't all true , After all Darkspear is a pvp server ,so lets gets some world events going and have some fun! I also want to give a shout out to my guildies there doing a great job ! and i also wanted to say .. Great job to Amarokk for getting the Horde side on its feet! There is many great players both Horde and ally i hope so see u guys on the battle fields!
The call has been sounded TOO ARMS!
RP servers are that way
RP servers are that way
it may be outnumbered but not dead there are plenty of horde still out there to have fun
with us
Alliance Blood shall be spilled!
no matter the cr killin horde is fun we have made several horde friends from our havoc reeking and friends that we plan to kill :)
lol your plans are going to go terribly wrong then my friend XD
05/09/2012 03:39 PMPosted by Amarokk
Ty for the props guys i do what i can to rally the horde when i can. As far as horde being dead this is not true. There are a few active pvp guilds and the top raiding guilds have some very legit arena junkies and rbg'ers amongst them. Tho since this thread is about world pvp i would just like to say that even people who raid can have fun in their pve gear if given the right group. The problem the way i see it (this goes for allie and horde side) is the mix of elitest and nubs make it hard for everyone in between looking to have fun. This goes with anything but i think pvp is hit the hardest. People want to troll all day about rating or how their faction sucks or is too overpopulate, swifty fanboys, blah blah blah. Now since there is no cure for haters and trolls all i can tell people is too just brush all that off. At the end of the day they aren't paying for your account, they really aren't having any fun with the game besides trying to put other people down. I hate to be preachy but people like Blackdreams are a dime a dozen and it's time we start recognizing this. Ya attack my ratings, attack my achievements, attack my transmorgification and even my grammar. I only wish tho that you would attempt to attack me in world pvp. As a matter of fact i wish for all you haters to attack me. Come at me bros. I welcome it. Fraps it and post. Any horde out there wishing to partake in some world pvp action feel free to add me to friends and when you see me out in the world can bet your bottom dollar i'm out killing nubs like Blackdream and their buddies. Sacred is kewl but ya i will be attacking you guys too but you already know. :)

I like this guy and he is right there is allot of trolls claiming rating means everything but they forget they didn't get that rating by there self's and that is a team rating u guys keep up the good work u will be seeing me in world pvp as u already know!
The lack of horde replying makes me want to transfer my Mage just so I can get some faction hatred going. Can't really remember the last time horde killed me, 5 minutes ago I was on an alt farming near a horde base and the 85's just looked at me.

Once upon a time someone would have killed me for doing that :S
LETS KILL SOME ALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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