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I've been hearing alot of grumbling from my friends and guilds lately about how various novel events havent happened in-game as an event or instance. after hearing their arguments, and presenting mine, i figured id come onto the forums and spell out our points for the rest of the world (of warcraft hahaha) to debate over.

for the record. i am against the inclusion of book events inside the game, and here are my reasons.
1. story focus: throughout the game, the story has been widely focused on the players and their triumphs and quests. how then can a event revolve around one particular group or NPC and still leave the player feeling important? it cant. the best example of this is the elemental bonds questline (or as most call it, "the free cape quest where thrall gets married). in that quest chain the player played a supporting role to Agra and Thrall. this led to many claiming "Mary Sue", when most dont even know the meaning of the word (but thats a different debate all together).
2. mechanics and engines: this includes anything that cannot happen in the game engine that is a significant part of the novel story. like internal monolouges (probably spelt that wrong leave me alone), atmosphere effects (much like the descriptions of the emerald nightmare), and emotional effects (again, like the fear and confusion had in the emerald nightmare). while im sure these things can be made in another game engine, or even by blizzard, i would imagine theyd be impracticle for something most people would ignore (can u tell me last time you were in a zone when it rained?)
3. continuity: wouldnt it be awkward to have the cenarion circle trying to heal nordrassil in a big night elf - only ceremony (minus the tauren, i forget his name srz), and suddenly have a orc warlock sitting there. "oh hi im just here to watch (see point 1)". and im pretty sure anything personal between NPC's would not be made apparent to the player (like the relationship between varessa and rhonin, or arthas and jaina). sure you could get the general gist of "oh they're together" but the NPC's would never tell you the inner secrects of the relationship (that varessa hates most humans, or that jaina only agreed to accompany arthas due to "that night").
4. repeatability: remember the culling of stratholm RP event before the dungeon? people hated it so much, blizzard had to think of a port-around. Also, for all the people who have done the elemental bonds questline, how many really read half of the RP the first time, or even the second time through (i'm sure some did, but if you ask people, most dont remember any fine details)? so how can a RP event (which is what a novel story would amount to in-game) be repeatable, memorable, AND not annoying as hell when you do it again, or when you have THAT one jerk who HATES RP? it could be done yes, but its easier. and you can do more, by putting these things into novels.

now for counter-points (these are mostly my friends' points so forgive me if my details of them are written a little biased or not as fleshed out, ill try to prevent both).
1. introduction of new mechanics: imagine a mini-game where you take part in the battle for wyrmrest temple (probably as a NPC since the mortal races werent really invited). interesting mechanics could be introduced into the game as the story needed them. however blizzard would have to be careful to not make another jousting mechanic.
2. involving the players: admittedly i didnt fully understand this argument except as a complete 180 from my own of not including players. if someone can explain it better i would be happy to read it.
3. more involved npcs: most people complain about how tyrande and malfurion just sit in their little throne room all expansion. well now we could see and take part in their quest to stop the emerald nightmare. it could be used to flesh out more of the classes behind the NPCs (is tyrande a priest or a hunter).
4. more content for everyone: not all of the books has to happen at max level, or be geared towards raid geared players (ever try to do elemental bonds in greens?). this could allow for more content in general, and if done right, better content for certain zones. but one thing to keep in mind is that Christie Golden can come up with a good story, but she (he? never really asked) probably cant code very well, or make art assests, or tie in the story with the rest of the world or questline (complete with sidequests if need be)

anyway, thats just my 2 cents. feel free to discuss, hopefully the thread will stay on topic as alot of stuff in the story is controversial (thrall).

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