Improve the DK above you.

Death Knight
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Hmmmmm How to improve Yarian.

Oh right. There it is. Give me your @#$()%*ing trinkets :(

177 kills, and no BLF. Never seen one. ><

I'm logged in my OS.
Onisu Spec looks good chants look good, only thing i see and this might not be possible with your reforging, is too reforge your parry over to dodge, since dodge is the lower stat it suffers from less diminishing returns.
if blood is you're offspec its pretty good. need some more heroic gear and maybe switch glyph of dc for DS.
hes using deathcoil for the lichborne heal i believe.
Please check me, with the exception of my BS 'enchant' as I got off this toon last night before finishing up the enchants/BS enchants, but please help me with gemming, i am confused as to what I should be using to be 100% honest.
Ohh do me, do me
I'm assuming you mean HS instead of DS since I'm running both DS and DC Prime Glyphs. I just don't find myself heart striking enough in Dragon Soul for Heart Strike Glyph over more heals, and more damage.

Sadly, my reforging has my dodge and parry as close as it will get, but I'm sure if I could pick up a few more drops it would help.

I'm "technically" the "second" tank in Dragon Soul, but since we only use 2 tanks on 3 fights (chok, ultra, boat, I treat it as my OS. I hear if/when we get to H:Spine I will need to be in tank gear for that.

Your gear and spec confuse me currently. You are in a blood spec that is a little weird for tanking, and you are wearing a serious mishmash of tanking and DPS gearing.

If you are looking to tank, get a spec similar to mine, or Lightbane, work on getting more tank gear, and stack mastery (personal opinion) until your eyes bleed. I'm at 32+ mastery, and there are fights where more is better (Madness... Oh Madness.)
@Onisu: pretty good, nothing glaringly wrong with spec or reforge. I guess you could replace that gem in ur ring to a pure strength gem since the bonus is only +10 strength....should be +20 or more to make it worthwhile. Otherwise good job

Ignore my non-epic gems. I'm just waiting for heroic gear.....
No.. Everything goes well. You might want another belt from H Hagara, and I have to say that trinket is quite lame for frost dk. But I know getting bone-link fetish is only based on luck. So.. GL!
Your spec seems confusing; it looks more pvp oriented than anything. But I'll assume for now that it's for raiding. Chilblains is situation; only heroic madness really has any need for it in DS. Switch the points there with Improved Frost Presence. Likewise there's no need for Endless Winter in DS (or the new 5 mans really for that matter); I'd switch the points there for Icy Reach. That extra range is nice.

Gear looks ok, you're missing a blacksmithing socket on your bracers which are BiS so no reason not to. And obviously you want the belt off Hagara.

Not sure if you switched trinkets since the above poster mentioned them but they're fine. BiS pre-heroic actually. After Eye of Unmaking, Creche is your best option for single target fights where you can guarantee the uptime on the proc; beating out bone-link. Bone link is better for fights with more than one target or fights with a great deal of movement/time where you're not in range of a target. Assuming both trinkets are the same ilvl obviously.
lol I cant do this.
I can see you're a fresh 85. Just try to gem, do lfr and enchant
I'll fix him once I'm DS ready I swear
I don't need to say what you need to fix, but I will anyways; 8 unenchanted items, 8 empty sockets in 5 items, missing Ebonsteel Belt Buckle. Spec is actually pretty good and I can understand the use of Glyph of DnD since the extra agro may be needed at your low ilvl. Btw, 2nd trinket needs replacement.
Only thing I can say is to consider getting Lavawalker boot enchant over Mastery.
@Fangalmouth Change your cloak/ring reforge expertise --> mastery/parry --> mastery and drop your Major Glyph of Bone shield and swap it to Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon.
Adwarfdk, everything look pretty damn good, seeing how you basically have full BIS gear. But there is one "upgrade" you could get and that is your neck piece. The heroic version of the Firelands BoE neck has a ton more mastery on it than the valor neck, might want to look into that, but since you obviously don't really need more mastery, keep on trucking on.
The str and stamina loss would be to much for me to give up for more mastery personally.
you're 8/8h you must be doing it right

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